Zeus Arc GT




The Zeus Arc GT is a high-end, portable dry herb vaporizer that was engineered with innovative German technology. Although the unit looks like a fairly standard yet attractive vape, the vapor quality, inner construction and features put in firmly in the premium product category. The main highlight of the Zeus Arc GT is its use of a pure gold vapor path, and gold heating chamber. It is currently the only device in the industry using this material! This unit utilizes a conduction based heating method, but the beautiful thing about gold is dissipates heat just as quickly as it transfers heat. In layman's terms, users get to enjoy cool, smooth, crisp and flavor-packed clouds with every inhale.

What's included:

  • 1x Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 5x Zeus grime wipes
  • 5x Zeus cleaning bristles
  • 1x Glass spacer screen
  • 1x Zeus pipe cleaning tool
  • 5x Cleaning cotton buds

Break-through features

The Zeus Arc GT is every tech's dream come to life. It's compatible with the Zeus Arc firmware which allows users to link up their unit via the USB cord and select temperature settings (pick one of the three temperature cycles – 205, 215, or 225 degrees Celsius), cool-down times, and auto-shut off times. The device also touts a motion sensor, haptic feedback, and a light display.

Easy to use and complication free

The Zeus Arc GT is an intuitive vaporizer and it does not have any visible buttons. The unit comes with a built in tool for quick loading of herb material, and is ultra simple to operate. Users can get started immediately by removing the mouthpiece to expose the chamber, and loading their flower. From there, all users have to do is replace the mouthpiece and hold down the invisible button by pressing in the mouthpiece. Tapping the mouthpiece will cycle through heat settings and the vape vibrates (heat up time is about 45 seconds) when temperature is reached, and users are able to begin their session.

Never-ending battery

The Zeus Arc GT is loaded with a super powerful 3500 mAH battery. To give consumers a frame of reference, most portable vaporizers provide a standard 18650 mAH battery which allows about forty five to fifty minutes of continuous usage. Therefore, the Zeus Arc GT is easily one of the best deals in regards to battery life as users can expect up to ninety minutes of non-stop usage. To determine battery life, users can shake the device (use the motion sensor) to visualize the charge level.