Zeus Arc GT Review

The world of vaporizers is a cut-throat industry that requires brands to constantly innovate and improvise in order to remain relevant. Two of the best companies are without doubt, Storz n Bickel, and Zeus Arsenal, both of which feature German-made products. Both of these brands are infamous for their high quality craftsmanship and superb vapor quality. While Storz n Bickel recently released an updated desktop unit this year known as the Volcano Hybrid (which everyone is bound to love!), today we'd like to focus in on Zeus Arsenal's newest release: a premium, portable dry-herb vaporizer known as the Zeus Arc GT!

Vapor Quality

The cloud quality of the Zeus Arc GT is indescribably good. This unit is the first in the entire industry to utilize a pure gold conduction heating chamber and a gold vapor-path. The use of this metal is ingenious since gold allows for the rapid heating up the herb material, but an immediate cooling of the vapor by the time it reaches a user's mouth. The end result is an unparalleled experience and smooth, cool and delicious vapor.

Portability / Build

The Zeus Arc GT has a classy, stylish and sleek build that is comparable to units such as the Pax 3, and the Davinci IQ. The unit is super portable with a height of just 3.5 inches, and it comes in a solid black color with a built-in mouthpiece which conceals a golden oven. At the bottom of the device, users will find a magnetic loading tool which can be popped off to reveal the USB charging port. The side of the device has 3 lines which serve as a blue LED light display indicating pre-set temperature. All in all, the Zeus Arc GT gets five stars for its intuitive design and elegant feel.


The Zeus Arc GT is a massive success in terms of battery life, as it easily provides 90 minutes of continuous usage (around 4 to 6 sessions). Most portables units of a similar stature are loaded with the standard 18650 mAH battery, but not the Zeus Arc GT. This vape contains a non-removable 3500 mAH battery which can be fully charged in about two and half hours via the USB port.

Temperature Control

The Zeus Arc GT appears to be a little behind the game, as it offers three pre-set temperature settings rather than full precision digital temperature control. The default settings are 401(205C), 419 (215C), and 437 (225C) degrees Fahrenheit. In order to tweak settings, users will need to download Zeus Arc firmware update and connect their devices via the USB cord. Going through this process will allow users some temperature flexibility, as they can download different versions which offer different temperatures. For example, version 8 (Flavor Lovers) provides three lower preset temperatures including 365 (185C), 383 (195C), and 401 (205C) degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Up Time

The Zeus Arc GT has a longer than usual heat up time when compared to other portable vapes. The average heat up time in default mode is typically 80 seconds, which may prove to be quite a wait for some users. The reason behind this is the GT's utilization of the gold conduction chamber which creates the most delicious and potent of clouds, but doesn't heat as quickly as a stainless steel oven or a ceramic chamber.


The Zeus Arc GT is a premium product and is currently selling for $229.99. This price tag is just about right given the quality-construction of this vaporizer and its use of gold for the heating chamber and vapor path. For users have a larger budget and want precision temperature control, a great alternative would be the Davinci IQ which is priced slightly higher but allows for full customization with the use of the Davinci App.

Ease of Use

Zeus Arsenal did a phenomenal job in regards to easy facility of use with the GT. This vaporizer requires no manual and it's pretty much ready to go immediately after charging. Begin by removing the mouthpiece and loading the flower. Next place the mouthpiece back on and hold down the button in the center of the mouthpiece; this action will power on the unit. Next select desired temperature by pressing down the same button to cycle through settings which can be visualized by the LED light display on the side. The Zeus Arc GT has haptic feedback so it will vibrate when temperature has been reached. Finally, inhale and enjoy!

Cleaning / Maintenance

The Zeus Arc GT kit comes fully equipped with cleaning supplies and requires minimal effort. Begin by removing the mouthpiece and removing any herb residue with the packing tool. Next, grab a Zeus grime stick and snap the end which will release the alcohol solution. Wipe the inside of the oven and the funnel. Lastly, turn on the oven for one cycle to remove any alcohol particles and reassemble.

Who’s it best for?

The Zeus Arc GT will be best for consumers that want a mid to high end product with great vapor quality and output. It's quite comparable to some of our best portable vaporizers such as the Mighty or the Davinci IQ, but those units also cost more. The Zeus Arc GT is perfection in regards to build, portability, ease of use, cloud quality and battery life, so users that are concerned with those factors will be more than happy with the GT.