Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer


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The YoCan Evolve Plus is regarded as the most handy pen dab vape. If you haven’t seen one yet, here is a quick tour on what this model looks like, its material made, how it works and what is inclusive if you decide to purchase this particular pen wax vape.If you are just starting vaping and would like to invest on an easy-to-use vape for concentrates, the YoCan Evolve Plus could be a perfect match.

Vapor Quality

Since it contains the quartz rod atomizer, you know for sure it will contain quality vapor. Dual Quartz has been noted as one of the best atomizers and coils to use on your wax vaporizer. It is very resistant to high heat so having two quartz rods next to each other, wrapped in coils will not sacrifice any taste. The hits are guaranteed to be smooth and the coils last pretty long.


The YoCan Evolve Plus is finely crafted. On first look, this vape appears to be durable and as it glides on your hands it confirms to your initial impression of strength. One of the unique features of this pen style vape is the atomizer cap because it works like a carb cap on a traditional rig where hot temperature is maintained around the coils, giving users quality vapor. This cap also serves as guard against any splatter.

Battery Performance

The YoCan Evolve Plus has a larger battery as compared to the original YoCan Evolve. Its battery is 1100mAh which twice the average 650mAh battery you can find on other vape pens. What’s good about this is you can enjoy longer draws with only one single charge. Based on Evolve Plus users, on average the battery performance for moderate users is for a few days and would require charging prior usage. The battery can be charged using the micro USB.


Since the design and built of the YoCan Evolve Plus is similar to a pen, it can be easily slipped inside the pocket or bag and be carried with ease anywhere. It can even look like a regular thick pen or sharpie when placed on your desk. This vape pen comes with silicone wax container where you can store you wax concentrates.


Similar to other pen style vaporizers, the YoCan Evolve Plus is quite easy to operate. You only need to push and hold the button, then release to get the desired temperature setting. You need to click it five times to turn it on and off, then, press and hold the power button as you start drawing.


Of course, we all want to vape in discreet when in a public place. With its compact pen design like other e-liquid pens, it doesn't not stand out like a big rig. You can quickly hide it inside your pocket or bag.

How it works?

As mentioned to turn this vape on and off, you need to click the power button 5 times. Check the Evolve Plus vape coils if they are screwed properly to ensure the atomizer works effectively. When the quartz coil lights up, you can now add your crumble or shatter. Use the dab tool when loading. Never attempt to overload it to prevent damage. Once loaded, you can now press and hold the power button, then, wait two seconds and start vaping.