X-max Ace Vaporizer





-          Charging Voltage/ Current: 5V/1A

-          Battery Capacity: 2600mAh (Lithium-Polymer)

-          On/Off: Click the button three times consecutively

-          Temperature Range: 100° C- 240° C (212 F- 464 F)

-          Screen: OLED

-          Boost Mod: 255°C (491 F)

-          Working Voltage: 3.3- 4.2 V

The XMax Ace is a brand new dry herb vaporizer recently released in the market and is now available in different parts of the world. The device is well designed, high quality and offers a great user experience.

This unit comes with some new unique features. One of the new features in this device is the button-operated, self-cleaning function. It has a sliding button, which moves from the bottom of the herb chamber to the top. When you slide it from the bottom to the top, it moves the already used herbs out of the vaporization chamber. The feature is very convenient since you will no longer have to go through much hassle while getting rid of your already used dry herb from the chamber once you’re finished. Here are more incredible features that come with this device:

  • Style

The XMax Ace comes in two different colors. The first one is wood grain, and the other one is black carbon. The outer edges, as well as the frame, are brushed stainless steel. When it comes to style, both of these options look good, and the design sets them apart from other vaporizers available in the market. The device comfortably fits in your hand and feels pretty solid when you pick it up. You can easily tell that this is a quality vaporizer just from the moment you get a hold of it.

  • Fast Heat-up Time

The XMax Ace takes pride in incredible heat up time. It only takes 20 seconds to heat up and will give you a signal by vibrating once it reaches your selected temperature. The device features a boost mode option, which can boost the maximum temperature up to 225 degrees Celsius.

  • Zirchonia Ceramic Mouthpiece & 100% Isolated Airflow

With these two features, the XMax Ace offers cool, clean and pure-tasting vapor. Unlike many other devices in the market, the XMax Ace has less draw resistance. This makes your vaping sessions convenient, as well as enjoyable. The mouthpiece made out of zirchonia ceramic does a great job of resisting heat thus preventing you from burning your lips.

  • Battery

The battery featured in the XMax Ace is one of the best available. It is removable and has 1650, 2600 mAh and also has a 3.7V. It is pretty decent since it will allow you to go for several vaping sessions before you can recharge it. This makes it a convenient device to use on the go since it will not need frequent recharging. Moreover, it comes with a spare battery and a USB charger that takes a short time to charge the device fully.

Buying the XMax Ace

The XMax Ace is one of the latest releases in the market. It is an intelligent device that comes with some unique features that have never been applied in any other device before. This takes your dry herb vaping sessions to a whole new level. The price is also pretty affordable and well worth taking into consideration what the device has to offer. Therefore, if you have been looking forward to enjoying your vaping sessions conveniently, XMax Ace is the device to purchase.


-          1xAceDevice

-          1 x Brush

-          1 x USB Charger

-          1 x Wax Cup

-          1 x Gift Box

-          1 x Spare Rubber Mouthpiece

-          2 x O-Ring

-          3 x Cotton Swab

-          4 x Mesh Screens

Technical Specifications

-          Size: 43 x 24 x 99

-          Chamber: Ceramic