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While there are a lot of vaporizer pen options to pick and choose from, there’s a reason why the overwhelming majority of people out there have decided to go with the Wulf Vape SX (same design as the Atmos Vicod) over just about everything else – and it’s a reason that you are going to immediately understand the moment that you taste the vapor that this amazing little device is capable of producing.


Consistently producing a much richer vapor than any other similarly priced dry herb vaporizers (thanks to the introduction of stainless steel heating elements that rapidly and evenly heat your favorite herbs without burning them), it’s hard to imagine any other pen sized vaporizer producing a vapor this clean, this clear, and this enjoyable. You’d expect it from a vaporizer much larger (and one that has a bigger power plant), but to be able to get that kind of performance out of a pen vaporizer is really something special.


Adjustable temperature settings allow you to really fine tune the vapor that you are producing, especially since you’ll be able to infinitely adjust those temperature settings – all the way up to 430°F. This is more than enough to vaporize pretty much anything that you throw at this pen, which opens up a world of possibilities when you’re looking to vaporize with the Wulf Vape SX.


Engineered to run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for hours and hours on end (anywhere up to eight hours of continuous use is possible, depending on usage rate), the battery pack in the Wulf Vape SX can be recharged using a standard micro USB plug so that you are never going to have to go without. It’s definitely a big benefit to be able to hot swap out your standard smart phone charger and plug in your vaporizer without having to carry a whole bunch of other cords, that’s for sure!