Wulf Vape Lx Vaporizer

Wulf Vape Lx Vaporizer
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Wulf Mods has created another high quality performing vaporizer called the Wulf Vape-LX portable vaporizer. It is a special vaporizer to perform at the highest quality heating levels with the best convection vaporization technology. The Wulf Vape uses the quality ceramic heating without any metals involved in the herbal chamber but is structured with stainless steel housing. The OLED advanced temperature screen makes it very easy to control and read out the current temperature, intended temperature you've set it to and the most important part, the battery level indication bar. The buttons to control and cycle through the temperature setting are intelligently placed in the center-fold of the vaporizers OLED temperature screen to enable the user to set the preference of the specific type of vaping style they prefer without the risk of burning the herbs that you load inside the large and deep herbal chamber.

Wulf Vape Lx Design
The Wulf Vape LX uses a very eccentric and well rounded but tall design, a very sleek look similarily shaped to a pen vaporizers rounded form. Yjr quality of the vaporizer is made out of polycarbonate materials which is a heat-safe plastic that's very durable and will never melt keeping the surface of the body when heating very cool. The Midnight Black finish on the mouthpiece fits well with the overall design. The Sturdy and Compact feel of the Wulf Vape Lx makes vaping a very easy task. The OLED screen displays the 3 main metrics you need to gauge the vaporization experience to manage the optimal performance of the Wulf-Lx with; current temperature setting, pre-set temperature setting and the battery level guage. On The sides of the unit display the vortex air-circulation holes to give you a very manageable and strong pull with very little draw resistance. Show casing the bottom LED light will display to you when the vaporizer is powered on which will show green and when the battery is low, it will display red.

Using The Wulf Vape-Lx
The way the Wulf Vape-Lx is made with the performance, functions and design will overall make any consumer feel confident to control, manage and correctly use the vaporizer without think they're doing something wrong. You remove the mouthpiece to see the heating chamber, slightly push the side of the mouthpiece to snap it off for removal. Once the ceramic chamber is revealed, fill the herbs inside lightly. After you evenly put the herbs in to allow perfect air-flow circulation, re-attach the mouthpiece by snapping it back in and seamlessly press the power button 5 times to turn on the device. The green flashing LED light when set at 375 Fahrenheit will turn solid once it has reached that temperature. The OLED screen will display "warm" when it has reached the settings you pre-set it to and means it is ready to inhale. After 5 minutes of using, the auto-shutoff will kick in, you can quickly turn the Wulf Vape-Lx back on if you're not done using it.

Buying The Wulf Vape-Lx Vaporizer
When you want a high-quality portable vaporizer like the Wulf Vape-Lx, you can buy one at the low price of $109 and own a very good working, durable made vaporizer that correctly displays to manage the optimal performance on an OLED screen; the current temperature, pre-set intended temperature, the battery level. It also has an LED light quickly below the cycle buttons which will either flash green when heating, turn solid when the desired heating level has reached or become red when it needs to be charged. The Sides of the Wulf Vape Lx display air-ventilation holes which will give the even air produced inside the herbal chamber an even and thorough vaping experience while letting you take very deep, heavy pulls. Below the OLED screen is the up arrow to turn up the heat, below the up arrow is the power button which you need to press 5 times seamlessly to turn on or 5 times to turn off, below the power button is the down arrow to control and cycle the temperature to turn it down. You have a heating range of 375 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the vaporizer in 1 degree increments within that heating range with the up and down arrows and visually see the set temperature watching the OLED screen. With a powerful 2200mAH battery, the Wulf Vape-Lx using a lithium ion battery can take only 1.5 hours to fully charge and allow you to use the vaporizer for over 2.5 hours or over 25 full sessions which is a very long time.