Wulf Duo Vaporizer


Wulf Duo Vaporizer
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-         Dual Quartz Atomizer

-         Magnetic Lid

-         Super Compact

-         4 Voltage Settings

-         Glass Oil Cartridge

-         Discreet Design

-         1000mAh Battery

Wulf Duo Vaporizer is one of the super compact units ever. This makes it an ideal companion for vaping both wax and liquid on the go. Standing at just 2.5” tall and 1.25” wide, Wulf Duo is indeed having a pocket-friendly size and stealthy in design. This makes it possible to vape with Wulf Duo hidden in your hand and go with it in public with the atomizer housed to hide the device’s true function.

Wulf Duo Vaporizers also comes with a glass cartomizer for liquid concentrates and dual quartz atomizer for waxes. Additionally, it comes with a strong 1000mAh battery which offers several vape sessions on a single charge. It has four default voltage settings that are built into the device (3.4V, 3.6V,3.8V or 4.0V).

Protective Housing

Wulf Duo is designed to be discreet, powerful and durable. It takes pride in its solid steel body that is built to house the oil cartridge discreetly and safely. Its small size allows one to carry the vape in the bag, pocket or hand without worrying about the public blowing your cover. The Duo’s wax cartridge port is twice the size of an average portable vaporizer, therefore allowing the use of different sizes of oil tanks. It also has a magnetic lid which pops off easily enabling easy access and loading of the atomizer.

Ease of Use

The Duo has some few things that starters will need to understand first before feeling more comfortable with the device. Wulf Duo will possibly be a majority of user’s first ever liquid oil vaporizer, therefore, filling out the clearomizer maybe a new experience. It involves knowing which compartments of the tank to twist off and where exactly one is supposed to fill it.

Buying the Wulf Duo

The Wulf Duo has several good abilities to bring to the market at a very affordable price point. If getting a quality device while you are on a budget is a selling point for you then Wulf Duo is the best option. Also, the fact that one can adjust the voltage/temperature settings in both wax and liquid modes makes this device a more versatile unit. Comparing to what this device has to offer with other devices in its category, Wulf Duo is unrivaled.


-         1x Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer

-         1x Slim Cartridge Holder

-         1x Glass Oil Cartridge

-         1x USB Cable

-         1x Wide Cartridge Holder