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Volcano Hybrid Features (the Onyx black version is available now here as well)

  • Double Helix Heating

  • Exceptional Vapor Quality

  • A Ton of Accessories

  • Can Vape both Balloons and Whips

  • Compatible with Concentrates and Herbs

True vape enthusiasts will acknowledge that the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is the best balloon desktop device ever created. The classic Volcano Vaporizer has been in the market for more than ten years and it has remained incredibly popular in the vaping industry for good reason. This vaporizer stands apart from all the other vaporizers not only because of its age but also due to its amazing features.

Well, after years of fans dreaming, Storz and Bickel finally decided to release a new and improved version of the Volcano Vaporizer. This newest version is known as the Volcano Hybrid. This vaporizer was one of the most anticipated vaporizers of the year and it exhibits all the beloved qualities expected from a Storz and Bickel product. Here are some of its amazing features.

Premium Design

The Volcano Hybrid was exclusively manufactured in Germany using the best quality material. This makes it feel luxurious to the touch and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The unit features a sleek digital display that has a stylish control panel. Moreover, all the buttons in this device are touchable as opposed to other devices where you need to press to execute the required command. This update gives the vaporizer a classy yet modern twist.

Volcano Vaporizer Temp Settings

The Volcano Hybrid comes with a huge range of temperature flexibility. It ranges from 40 degrees Celsius all the way to 230 degrees Celsius. Its predecessor, the Volcano Vaporizer took a whole three minutes to heat up, but the new Volcano vaporizer only takes a mere 40 seconds before users are good to go. This demonstrates some of the incredible innovations of the company.

Heating System and Chamber

The Volcano Hybrid uses both a convection and conduction heating style. It features an innovative new technology known as the Helix. This advanced technology aids in delivering an awesome and unique vaping experience to the user. Additionally, there are a large number of accessories that are compatible with the previous model. However, users will still need to have a new reducer, as well as filling chamber due to its new design.

Optimum Vapor Quality

Just like it is the case with its predecessor, the Volcano Hybrid has concentrated on offering a premium vapor quality and taste. It features a contemporary rotatable tube system that helps users to decide how much vapor they wish the device to produce. This will help users to have flexibility and control over their vaping experience. The device also features both a balloon system and whip assembly which avails multiple inhalation methods.

Removable Power Cord

The Volcano Hybrid comes with a power cord that can be easily removed. This is highly beneficial for those people who would like to vape on the go. It makes traveling easier and also limits any potential spills if someone trips on the power cord.

Convenient App Control

The Volcano Hybrid has an app which is compatible with both the android devices as well as iOS. The app allows users to control the device settings remotely. This means that a user can have an entire vaping session without touching the vaporizer even once. All that is needed is a smartphone with good Bluetooth connectivity.

Buying the Volcano Hybrid

If you are among the many vape aficionados looking for the optimum desktop vaping experience, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is what you need to purchase. It has utilized the most advanced technology in the vaping industry, thus giving the user an outstanding experience. The cutting-edge mechanisms, as well as sleek design, is what makes it different from other vaporizers. If you really take vaping seriously and want a vaporizer that will serve you for years to come, the Volcano Hybrid is what you need. Order your unit today and set off your amazing vaping journey on the right foot.

New Volcano Vaporizer Accessories

  • 1 x Filling Chamber

  • 1 x Power Cord

  • 1 x Manual

  • 1 x Herb Grinder

  • 1 x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter

  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

  • 3 x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece

  • 1 x Air Filter Set

  • 1 x Cap Ring

  • 1 x Tube System

  • 1 x Normal Screen Set

Technical Specification

  • Warranty: 3 Years

  • Heating Style: Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset my Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer?

To perform a factory reset of your volcano hybrid vaporizer, press and hold the touch button labeled “HEAT” for 10 seconds while the unit is turned on. You will see a confirmation on the LCD screen that assures you the unit has been reset.

Resetting your volcano hybrid vaporizer accomplishes the following:

  1. Resets its setpoint temperature to 180° C (356° F)

  2. Activates an audible signal when the setpoint temperature is reached

  3. Sets the ‘automatic switch off’ setting to 30 minutes

  4. Restores LCD brightness to 80%

  5. Sets booster temperature to 15° C (59° F) over the setpoint temperature

  6. Restores the cooling down signal

  7. Returns the Bluetooth module to ‘ON’ setting if it was off previously

How to use Volcano Hybrid?

For full usage instructions, refer to the user’s manual. Here are some general tips for use with the balloon:

  1. Turn the Filling Chamber Cap counterclockwise to remove it from the Filling Chamber.

  2. Place your dried herb material in the Filling Chamber up to the lower edge.

  3. Screw the Filling Chamber cap on again.

  4. Reinstall the unit onto the hot air outlet.

  5. Preheat the plant material for about five seconds.

  6. Tighten the Valve Balloon and place it on the preheated chamber.

  7. Do not fill the balloon completely; this will cause the vapor to escape.

  8. Once the balloon nears its fill, turn the pump off by touching the AIR button and remove it.

  9. Attach the mouthpiece and lock it in place.

  10. Place the mouthpiece to your lips; it will automatically open, allowing you to inhale the vapors.

When using the tube, steps 1 through 6 are the same. From there, attach the Tuber Flexer directly on the preheated Filling Chamber and turn the latter clockwise until it stops. Slowly inhale the vapor.

What does Volcano Hybrid mean?

The Volcano Hybrid is a high-end desktop vaporizer that offers many options for usage.

Who makes the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer?

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is manufactured by the Storz & Bickel Company. They produce it by hand in Tuttlingen, Germany.

When did the Volcano Hybrid come out?

The Volcano Hybrid was released in 2019.