Volcano Hybrid Review

The Volcano Hybrid is Storz and Bickel's direct response to consumer demand for a premium desktop device that allows users more freedom and customization of their sessions. It retains all the beloved features of the Volcano Classic/Digital while somehow managing to incorporate innovate updates, increased versatility, and vapor quality that easily outclasses all competing brands in the industry. Written below is everything that you should know about the Volcano Hybrid.


Vapor Quality

 Like all Storz and Bickel products, the Volcano Hybrid goes beyond every imaginable expectation in regards to vapor quality. Its predecessor, the Volcano Classic has effortlessly maintained its title as the best desktop device in the market for over a decade now, but the introduction of the Volcano Hybrid may change the status quo. The Volcano Hybrid uses a combo of conduction and convection, cutting-edge heating technology, the “Helix” for even better cloud quality. The other beautiful aspect of the Hybrid is it allows users flexibility to enjoy their sessions via balloon or whip while still providing the optimal, most flavorful, potent and smooth clouds.

Build and Versatility

The Volcano Hybrid looks close to identical to the Volcano Digital. It sports a beautiful, brassy base and a complete LED digital display screen. So the question is what make's different from the Digital? Very simple: versatility! The best feature of this unit is its compatibility with both whip and balloon set-ups, since this is something that fans have been asking for since the release of the Volcano Classic. Whips tend to provide more intense hits due to the direct draw. 

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 The Volcano Hybrid is a desktop vaporizer and will only operate when plugged into a wall outlet. Users looking for a portable device will want to check out other Storz and Bickel products such as the Mighty or the Crafty. It should also be noted that the Hybrid comes with a removable power cord for easier traveling.

Temperature Control

The Volcano Hybrid has full precision digital temperature control with an extensive range of 104 degrees to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Changing temperature is easy as clicking the plus or minus sign on the display. (Basically it's the same as the Digital!)

Heat Up Time

 The Volcano Hybrid touts an improved heat up time from its predecessor. While both the Classic and Digital take around three to four minutes to reach temperature, the Hybrid can heat up in approximately a minute or two depending on the selected temperature. This improvement is just one of the many highlights of this desktop vaporizer.


The Volcano Hybrid is easily one of the most expensive dry herb desktop vaporizers in the industry with a massive price tag of $699.99. Consumers can expect perfect vapor quality and long-term savings due to the unit's high efficiently oven, however, it may be realistically out of budget for some users. For avid whip and balloon fans, the Hybrid will be a must have, but if a user is comfortable with just a balloon assembly, they can purchase the Volcano Classic at close to $200 less.

 Ease of Use

The Volcano Hybrid is relatively simple to use, but users are recommended to take a look at the instruction manual. Users will be able to figure out how to use the whip set-up almost instinctively, but the balloon set-up requires a bit of practice if you haven't used the Classic/Digital Volcano previously.

Mobile App Addition

The Volcano Hybrid comes equipped with a handy upgrade in the form of a mobile app. Users will now have the ability to turn on their device anywhere in their homes and pre-heat for a faster session. This app also allows users the ability to really manipulate their sessions with “work-flows” for the balloon assembly, and also the ability to customize basic settings such as brightness, vibration levels, shut-off times, etc.

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Who’s it best for?

The Volcano Hybrid is the ultimate investment for consumers that want the absolute best cloud quality but also enhanced versatility. The Volcano Classic and Digital are top of the line desktop devices yet semi-old fashioned in terms of assembly. The Hybrid boasts the same premium quality, gorgeous build, and features of the Classic/Digital, but lets users customize their sessions and alternate between whip assembly and balloon assembly.