Volcano Vaporizer

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Volcano Classic herbal vaporizer
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*The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit now ships with the new Easy Valve system which combines the best of the older Solid Valve and Easy Valve systems. If you are looking for the older-style Solid Valve system it is still available.

Brought to the market by Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Vaporizer Classic is known by many as one of the best vaporizers money can buy. It has for years now held that reputation and still holds it firmly. The Volcano Vaporizer Classic comes with a valve set (stable and easy), a liquid pad, screens, a cleaning brush and extra balloons. It comes with filtration system and has advanced heating processes. When you use this vaporizer, you are increasing the potency of over 75%. You can also hold air in the oven-safe balloon bags to store vapor for up to 8 hours if you've already had enough. Here are some of its features.


The Volcano Vaporizer Classic, with its pyramid shape, it feels very stable and is very solid. The added weight of its stainless steel provides it with added stability so as to avoid any accidental tip-overs. The cone on top of this unit is where the tubes and the balloons are attached, an elegant and simple solution that is both intuitive and practical.  As a desktop vaporizer, the Volcano Vaporizer Classic does not rely on batteries for power. Instead, it uses a power cord. Designed for use at home, the Volcano Vaporizer Classic is perfect for long vaping sessions without having any worries about power.

Build Quality

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic has some of the best build quality compared to any other vaporizer in the market. It is assembled in Germany with some of the best quality parts making the Volcano Vaporizer Classic a vaporizer you'll treasure for years to come. It is simply built to last. It does not feature plastic material anywhere; it’s only built with quality polyester that is heat resistant. This prevents the bag from melting when exposed to heat from regular use. This means that you will be able to use your bag for a longer time before you change them out. In return, this can save you lots of money in the long run. 

Temperature and Heating Control

With Temperature setting of up to 226 degrees Celsius to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be able to enjoy an exceptional vaping experience with temperature settings of your choice. It is quite easy to set the temperature to your convenience; the heating setting is numbered on a rotary dial from one to nine. However, you should know that you will not be aware of the exact temperature setting as the vaporizer has no feature that tells you so. Fortunately, you should not be alarmed as the make has ensured that the unit maintains a relatively uniform temperature.

Its heating element is highly efficient. Always use low temperature when starting out and adjust it accordingly for taste. This lowers the risk of combustion and prevents burning the ingredients too fast. Once you find the perfect setting, stick to it unless the situation calls for adjustments.

Vapor Quality

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic has an amazing vapor quality. You can be able to control the temperature using the analog dial and the device quickly heats up to your desired temperature. Since the unit reaches a temperature of up to 226 degrees Celsius (439 degrees Fahrenheit), this range of temperature is great for your choice of either concentrate or dried botanical. What makes Volcano Vaporizer Classic stand out from others, even more, it features a broad heating chamber that can only hold a sizable amount of concentrates, but has an added advantage of offering a broad surface area to heat your concentrates more evenly. The device also uses convection to heat your botanical, giving you the purest vaporizing experience you can even hope for. 

Ease of Use

If there is one area the Volcano Vaporizer Classic thrives, is its ease of use. It is known to be one of the easiest vaporizers to pick and be able to use right away. The procedure to use it is simple, just fill up the heating bowl, close it up, heat up the unit, and then attach the valve to the vaporizer. After you've engaged the fun for a few seconds, your balloon will feel up with delightful vapor. Just turn off the fan, attach the mouthpiece and enjoy your balloon. 


Just like any other standard vaporizer, the Volcano Vaporizer Classic comes with a warranty of three years. On the bright side, this device has been known to live way more than the warranty duration. This means you can be assured of quality vaping experience a much longer time.

Buying the Volcano Vaporizer Classic

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic is no doubt the best desktop vaporizer out there. It's easy to use, it has high-quality vapor, has a solid build and the overall performance keeps it well above other vaporizers of its class. You get what you pay for, and for this unit, the extra coins spent is worth.