Vivant DaBox Vaporizer


Vivant Dabox Vaporizer
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-          Rapid Heat Up

-          2 Amp Quick Range

-          Small and Discrete

-          40 Watt Power

-          1500 mAh battery

-          Glass Chamber

-          Extra Thick Coils

-          Easy Loading Door

The Vivant Dabox is a well-designed compact portable concentrate vaporizer which is extremely easy to use. The vaporizer features a hidden door at the bottom that flips out to an angle of 90 degrees thus making it discrete to use and simple to load your concentrate. The Vivant Dabox is one of the most powerful portable vaporizer available on the market today. It has 40 watts instantaneous power that gives you the most intense vaping experience. The for sale price of this wax vaporizer is a perfect deal for a device that performs as great as it does.

Build Quality

It is obvious that the manufacturer created Vivant Dabox with dabbers in mind. It is built using quality materials that give it a comfortable weight. The mouthpiece is built of glass thus making it easy for users to clean. The device comes with Dual Quartz Clapton and Dual Quartz Coil. In a nutshell, the build quality of this device is above the industry average.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality produced by Vivant Dabox is simply awesome. With two quartz coils and all glass vapor path, this unit offers an extremely cleans and safe dabbing experience. The featured dual quartz Clapton allows the user to heat the vaporizer at a lower temperature slowly. This allows flavorful and smooth hits that creates a visible milky vapor.


Vivant Dabox is very portable and can easily fit in your palm. It can be used on the go and still offer premium performance. Its build quality is strong, and it is not one of those devices you will fear taking it with you to a party.

Temperature Settings and Controls

If what you are looking for a device is optimum temperature settings, then you have no reason to worry with Vivant Dabox. The device features one button that makes it very simple to use. For maximum performance, you have an option of holding the temperature button down. You can also control the heat by pressing the button then letting it go and repeating the process to control the temperature for a perfect amount of vapor.

Buying the Vivant Dabox

The Vivant Dabox presents an incredibly portable and attractive solution for dabbers. The device offers quality dabbing experience. If you are disappointed with other dabbing devices you have tried in the past, the Vivant Dabox will never disappoint you.


-          1 x Dual Quartz Coil

-          1 X USB Cable

-          1 x Borosilicate Dab Tool made of Glass

-          1 x Dual Quartz Clapton Coil