Vision Lightning Puffco Peak


The Vision Lightning Puffco Peak Dab Rig For Sale
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-          Water Filtration

-          Haptic Feedback

-          Hand-Blown Glass

-          2 Hour Fast Charge Time

-          4 Unique User Heat Settings

-          Intelligent Temperature Calibration

-          30 Dab Average Battery Life

-          20 Sec Average Heat Up Time

-          2 Hour Fast Charge Time

-          Sesh-Mode Functionality

Puffco just released their latest version of the Puffco Peak Vaporizer- the Vision Lightning Puffco Peak. The Vision Lightning is a limited release from Puffco that comes with all the features you adored in the Puffco Peak with an all-new color identity suitable for all your aesthetic needs. Whereas the Vision Limited Edition still integrates the same technology from the original Puffco Peak, it has some newly added components. Not only do these new and fresh components give the Vision Lightning Puffco Peak its psychoactive-centric looks but also enhances its performance.

Build and Design

The Vision Lightning Puffco Peak features a prismatic incline silicone base. Made from the same rubbery and rugged material, this colorful silicone base provides a sturdy foundation that protects and keeps the vaporizer firmly grounded. Also, above the silicone base sits a metal band. This iridescent metal band offers extra protection from bumps and adds an ideal component that feels good to the touch. The metal band adds a much needed smooth and polished texture, which makes this dab rig a pleasure to use.

Additionally, the Vision Limited Editions features a colored glass inner cone which comes with a matching colored glass straw that sits inside the glass cone. Using glass materials ensures that the purity of the vapor, the flavor and aroma is unaffected.

Four User Heat Settings

Amateur or expert, big clouds or flavor, small or big loads, it doesn’t matter your preference when it comes to consuming your concentrates; this device has a perfect setting to suit your needs. Additionally, sesh-mode allows you to extend your session, thus creating an awesome experience for you.

Intelligent Temperature Calibration

The device features an intelligent temperature calibration, which adjusts heat settings automatically if your bowl is still hot hence providing a more consistent vaping experience during repeated use and sesh-mode.

20 Second Average Heat-Up

Typical dab rigs usually take up 3 minutes to heat up; however, the Vision Lightning Puffco Peak takes only 20 seconds, which means more consumption and less waiting.

Haptic Feedback/ LED Light Band

The haptic feedback keeps your timing on the check to ensure that you are getting the perfect hit. The LED light band, on the other hand, provides heat cycle and battery indicators when needed.

Buying the Vision Lightning Puffco Peak

The Vison Lightning Peak by Puffco is far more superior than the rest. With striking aesthetics that turn heads and an equally impressive recently integrated technology, it is disputably one of the best travel-friendly dab rigs available on the market. Integrating amazing features such as haptic feedback, fast heat-up times, cool light-up design, automatic temperature, and four temperature profiles, the Vision Lightning Puffco Peak is simply the best.


-          1 x Puffco Peak Device-Lightning

-          1 x Loading Tool

-          1 x Carb Cap

-          1 x Carrying Case

-          1 x Micro USB Cable and Supercharger

-          4 x Cleaning Swabs

-          1 x Tether

-          1 x Extra Ceramic Bowl

Technical Specifications

-          7 Inches Height x 2.7 Inches Base