Wax Vaporizers


Concentrates are here to stay! They offer potency and smoothness on another level. Wax and dab vaporizers are here to provide that power, flavor, and smoothness in a more efficient, convenient, and simple fashion.


Benefits of Using Wax Vaporizers

The standard way to consume concentrates has always been using an expensive, fragile dab rig with a nail and a torch. The old ways require careful handling whilst medicating, are easily broken, cost way too much, and requires your torch to be frequently refilled. Rigs also take longer to use and are not portable like wax vaporizers are. Portability, convenience, and safety make dab vaporizers the only choice for medical users. When a medical patient needs relief, they deserve their medication as quickly, conveniently, and effectively as possible. Nobody deserves to suffer a second too long or spend too much on their medicine - that’s why our affordable, effective, and portable wax vaporizers are so phenomenal.

How Dab Wax Vaporizers Work

The majority of dab pens work in a fairly similar way to many e-cigs: by pumping energy into an atomizer in order to create heat. These atomizers tend to have either quartz or titanium coils on which concentrate can be directly placed. Once the concentrate is properly placed on the coil, a quick button-press will heat and vaporize the materials within just seconds via conduction heating. There are a small number of wax vaporizers which utilize convection heating (heating by pulling hot air over the materials) such as the K-Vape.


Some units reach 700°F and higher in order to imitate the feeling and flavors of taking an intense dab off of a rig. A few of these include the Source Orb V4, Cloud V Electro Vaporizer, Source Nail, and Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig. Any vaporizer of this ilk will be flavor kings and give you the thick, milky clouds you’re looking for.   


There are, however, units that serve a more discretionary and stealthy purpose. For those who want to carry quick, unseen pocket-dabs along with them, are are a multitude of units whose small form-factor are sure to impress. Even with these tiny, compact units, the quality and effectiveness of your on-the-go medicating will still be present and bring the potency you need in a jif.


Buying The Best Wax Vaporizer

Sadly, there is no plain and simple “best wax vaporizer.” However, there are great choices based on your needs and wants, as well as fan favorites for different reasons. Without too much ado, we present a list of some of our finest choices:  


Dr. Dabber Ghost - At $69.95, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is one of our top selling, top rated choices for good reason. It may be the best stealthy, small form-factor wax vaporizer on the market. Even when it comes to flavor and battery life, this device does not disappoint.   


Source Orb 4 - Sitting just under $100, what the Source Orb 4 loses out in form factor, it gains in battery life, flavor, and sleek design. The 650 mAH battery supports about 2.5 hours of pure, on-the-go dabbing. And with 6 types of atomizers (each one featuring a quartz crystal and titanium coils for maximum quality and longevity) and 8 voltage settings, this titanium beast has the versatility to please anyone!


Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus Vaporizer Pen - This ultra-portable pen is rechargeable by USB and costs under $40! While it may not hit the flavor marks that some do, this little guy is convenient, ultra-portable, and comes at an impossible to beat price point.    


Cloud V Electro Vaporizer - Interested in an electric-powered, portable, water-cooled rig with a temperature-controlled, titanium e-nail? Does the sun rise in the East? This beast of a unit captures and improves upon the traditional rig experience and boasts a battery that can withstand 5 hours of continuous use. With the ability to reach over 1000°F in 15 seconds flat, the Cloud V Electro Vaporizer IS the king of clouds and flavor.


Source Nail - This unit is truly one of a kind. Powered by a 40W box mod and featuring 3 different atomizer options (ceramic, quartz, and titanium), the Source Nail is a fully portable handheld with the intense, up-to-700°F power of a rig! With a full-temperature control range between 200°F and 700°F and even a glass bubbler attachment, the Source Nail is incredibly hard to beat.