As people become more aware of the dangers associated with smoke of any kind into their lungs, they are now looking for alternative ways to enjoy the medical benefits of various dry herbs. A good example is vaping. However, they is a more convenient and rewarding way known as dabbing. If you’ve not yet got the pleasure of using an e-nail also known as dab rig for dabbing yet, then you are definitely missing out. If you have tried it before and enjoyed it, the chances are that you are already looking forward to investing in a dab rig of your own. To get the best dabbing experience, it pays to first investigate on the myriad of dab rigs available in the market. Today we are going to explain everything you need to know when it comes to E-nails. 

What are E-nails?

E-nails or electronic dab rigs are often metal boxes with a port for a coil, a PID that gauges your coils current temperature and a switch or two. The gauge can usually be turned separately from the coil to allow you to prevent yourself from getting burned. Electric nails come in two sizes; 16 and 20 millimeters and can only work with nails that have been specifically designed for coils of that size. 

How Does E-nails Work?

E-rigs are used for dabbing. The term dabbing is used because the user actually dabs a small amount or wax or oil into the dab rig so as to produce vapor. Usually, oil concentrates are thick and will not run off the nail. In its most basic form, dab rigs work by applying a small amount of concentrates onto a nail or heating element. When dabbing you must first heat the nail using the torch and then apply the wax or oil when it is hot enough. Place your mouth into the mouthpiece for you to inhale, since the vaporizer will materialize immediately.

Benefits of Using an E-nail

Why opt for an electric rig over the traditional type? E-nails are one of the most preferred ways to smoke concentrates by most enthusiasts. When compared to the traditional way, dab rigs make dabbing much easier. The safety benefit it offers to its users is paramount, and users find that being able to dab without necessarily having to fire up a blowtorch is enough justification to switch. E-nail rigs give the user much more control over the temperature settings. It enables the user to fine tune it anytime they want to vaporize their concentrates. This is a big plus especially for seasoned dab smokers since everyone has their own preferred temperature settings for optimal smoothness and flavor. 

The taste and vapor quality produced by dab rig is much better than the traditional vaporizer. Since the user can regulate the temperature, the overall quality of vapor is better than the one you would get from traditional concentrate vaporizers. Your nail will also stay cleaner because you are not burning the material but rather vaporizing it at an optimal temperature of your choice.

No More Need for a Blowtorch

Portable blowtorches are definitely useful for dabbers. However, the extremely high temperatures and the open flame pose a major fire and safety risk, particularly in the typical household. Dab rigs are the most suitable alternative for all those who want to enjoy dabbing benefits but do not want to be operating a blowtorch inside the house. Dab rigs have eliminated the need of blowtorch by coming with its own heating source. Also, e-nails only require just a touch of a button so as to heat the nail to optimal vaporizing temperature.  

Choosing the Best E-Nail to Buy

Despite most E-nail kits being the same and carrying out the same function, there are several factors that may influence an individual choice when it comes to buying. Sometime there big difference among the dab rigs is the craftsmanship and affordability. Additionally some are crafted to be more portable than others. If you are buying an electric nail rig, it’s always good to first know what your needs are (especially if it is your first time). Consider factors such as warranty, price, ease of use, portability, and durability. 

Bottom Line

At this point, hopefully you have a better understanding of how these devices work. Use the information you have obtained from this guide to get yourself the best electric dabber for your needs.