E-liquid Vaporizers

What is an E-Liquid Vaporizer?

The E-Liquid Vaporizer (commonly called E-cigs) is a battery-powered device that is produces inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. It utilizes a rechargeable battery that sends power to a heating element referred to as a coil. The E-Liquid (also called E-Juice or vape juice) makes contact to the coil, thus vaporizing it.

Essentially, the battery sends power to to heat a wired coil once you press down on the switch.  The wired coil will usually have some sort of wicking material. When the e-liquid is placed on this wicking material reaches the coil, it then heats up to the proper temperature to vaporize.  As you inhale upon the unit, vapor moves up from the coil, entering your mouth. Then you simply taste, enjoy, and exhale!


What Uses Does an E-Liquid Vaporizer Have?

Traditionally, E-Liquid Vaporizers were introduced as Electronic Cigarettes, designed to help people consume nicotine in a much safer way and thus quit smoking tobacco. As time goes on, a user may opt to use less and less nicotine in their juice until finally they have kicked the habit. Alternatively, of course, E-Liquid Vaporizers allow people to consume nicotine in places and around company where they would not normally be allowed to smoke cigarettes.


Another newly popularized use of E-Liquid vapes is for infused e-juice! This allows you to get properly medicated  with any flavor that you enjoy, and without making an offensive odor. Furthermore, compared to the disposable units often sold, quality E-Liquid Vaporizers cause less waste and pollution, are of higher build quality, and will be more efficient to use! A dedicated E-Liquid vape beats disposables in every way, including long-term cost.


What Are My Options in an E-Liquid Vaporizer?

There are a number of different options to choose among when looking for an E-Liquid Vaporizer. Some of the main choices to consider are price range, size and pocketability preferences, and main usage styles. Ultimately, the highest end and pricier units will be more efficient with your juice, saving money in the long run. Likewise, they will last longer and deliver more flavor. Some vaporizers on the more affordable end, however, will allow you to find out your preferences on a budget and may feel more comfortable to use as a daily carry or travel unit.   


On a similar token, many people prefer to carry an incredibly pocket-friendly, affordable unit such as the Atmos Ole throughout the day and as they travel. A device like this is the definition of hassle-free and straightforward, making the roaming day-to-day a good bit easier. Then, at or near home, one might carry a larger, more powerful unit such as the Vaporite Tantric.


Another vastly important thought to consider is usage. Is E-Juice what you vaporize most often, or do you also enjoy concentrates or even dry herb? For those who enjoy e-juice and concentrates, the QuickDraw 300 DLX and Vaporite Platinum are both fine hybrid options to fill both of your needs. If you enjoy consuming dry herb as well, the Haze V3 is a phenomenal unit that impresses as a wax vape, E-Liquid vaporizer, and as a dry herb unit! Rugged and high-performing, it really is a “Swiss Army Vape,” so to speak. If, however, you entirely enjoy the absolute cutting edge, it may be best to wait for the release of the Haze Square, the Haze V3’s incredibly stylish, upcoming successor!



If for some reason you want to vape dry weed in a vaporizer then please visit that corresponding category page on our website. 


A Few Top Choices


Given all this fun knowledge about E-Juice Vaporizers, let’s highlight some choices available for people of all preferences!   


Vaporite Tantric -  This powerful box mod is built out of stainless steel and features a pyrex mouthpiece, making it nigh on indestructible. Not only that, but it is the perfect small form factor of 1.5 x 5.25 x 3 inches while still boasting 30 watts of power that can take it all the way up to 440°F. It features its own high-quality 510 threaded tank as well as compatibility with any 510 threaded pre-filled cartridge. To boot, it even carries a dry herb tank and an OLED screen that accurately displays the current temperature. The Vaporite Tantric is definitely a versatile winner.   


Atmos Optimus 510 Portable Oil Vaporizer - At 5 inches in length and a mere 0.5 inches in diameter, this slender unit is a queen of portability. Not only does it work with your own oil or e-juice, but it is 100% compatible with any 510 threaded cartridge that you would like to utilize it with. Despite these features, the Optimus 510 is incredibly straightforward - simply press the button and inhale to your delight!   


Haze V3 - This unit has a strong battery life and multiple large cartridges for e-juice, dry herb, and oil.The real kicker though, is that its flavor profile can really compete with the best units in all three categories. Jack of All Trades? No - try the Queen of All Trades! For the multi-faceted connoisseur, there is no better option.