Desktop Vaporizers

Choosing a desktop vaporizer as a delivery method for your dry herbs is one of the best and healthiest ways to enjoy it. Here at Vaporizer Chief, our goal is to provide you with a wide variety of choices of the best desktop brands while offering the lowest prices. While we strive to offer the best prices, we also want to make you aware that some manufacturers have strict guidelines over the prices their products can be offered at. These guidelines are called "MAP" pricing and are enforced by some of the most popular manufacturers. Now that we've got that out of the way, we'll explain everything you need to know regarding desktop vaporizers.

Desktop vaporizers are designed to be used from the comfort of your home and can be plugged into any wall outlet. Also known as table-top vaporizers, these devices are capable of producing the highest quality vapor and providing the best possible vaping experience.

Different Vapor Paths

Desktop vaporizers come in 3 different formats of vapor delivery: balloon bag, whip-style vaporizers and hybrid.

Balloon bags are the most advanced style, utilizing a forced-air system that propels hot air onto your dry herbs to heat them through convection heating. Most people find this style to be the purest and ultimate form of vaping. Whip-style vapes use tubing (typically medical grade silicone) which allows the vapor to be inhaled directly when you take a draw from it. Hybrid simply means the device offers both balloon bag and whip capabilities. This style provides the best of both worlds and is a feature typically found in more expensive table-top vaporizers such as the Volcano Vaporizer and Arizer Extreme Q.

Is a Desktop Vaporizer Right You?

You truly cannot go wrong in deciding to purchase a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs. Whether you're a medical patient, a college kid looking to save money or just a casual user looking to live a healthier life-style, investing into one of these devices is the best possible decision you can make. We believe you cannot put a price on your health and it's a proven fact that using a vaporizer will prevent damage to your lungs that occurs from traditional smoking.

You may feel a bit conflicted right now because you've decided you want one to improve your health but at the same time have looked the prices. Almost all of them cost are over $100 and some of them even upwards of $500 - how can you possibly justify the cost? Actually, very simply. Buying a desktop vaporizer is more than just an investment into your health, it's a long-term investment towards saving money. That's right, you're going to save money because vaporizing dry herbs is actually way more efficient than smoking it.

A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available compound into vapor, whereas the average joint converted less than 25% of total. This means you can get almost double the use out of your material when vaping. Let's do some math and to keep perspective, we'll say that vaping is only 25 % more efficient than smoking. If you smoke $20 worth of herb every week, you'll save $5 per week which is the equivalent to $30 a month. This means if you invest $300 into a desktop vaporizer, within a years period your investment will not have only payed for itself, it will have saved you money! The best part about it is that most of these devices are manufactured with high-quality material and designed to last for years!

The only reason not to get a desktop unit would be if you need a weed vaporizer to take on the go, in which case you would need in a portable vaporizer. Other than that, stick with table-top unit and enjoy the ultimate vaping experience!