Vaporite Platinum Plus


Vaporite Platinum Plus 3 in 1 vaporizer
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Another 3 in 1 vaporizer from Vaporite that is sure to please. The Vaporite Platinum Plus is a portable vaporizer pen that can be used three ways. It can be used with dry herbs, e-liquids and concentrates. All three types of kits have separate attachments on the vape pen, which is a feat in and of itself because of how sleek the Vaporite Platinum Plus is.


The small compact pen design makes it easy to take around when your travel or when you are mobile. Despite having a 3 in 1 feature with separate attachment, the Vaporite Platinum Plus still manages to be sleek and extremely portable. That’s not all, as a testament to its “Platinum” designation, the Vaporite Platinum Plus can detect whatever of the three types of kits you are using and adjust the settings for optimum experience regardless of what vape kit you happen to be in the mood for.


The Vaporite Platinum Plus’ 40 watt maximum output is powered by a 2200mAh battery. It is indeed a pretty powerful vaporizer despite its size. It is equipped with SubXero technology so it is able to detect power output automatically. It supports resistance levels between 0.5 Ohms to 3 Ohms. Using this technology you can switch between vape kits seamlessly using your Vaporite Platinum Plus. Airflow and density are also adjustable when using e-liquids (oils). A Pyrex mouthpiece comes with the kit, ensuring that all parts of this vaporizer are beyond durable.


Another great thing about this vaporizer that solidifies its upscale feel is that fact that it is Bluetooth equipped. There is a downloaded app for your phone that you can use to adjust settings on your vaporizer. You can connect your vaporizer to your preferred device using the Bluetooth connection.


There are a lot of leading edge technology offerings in the vape industry but the Vaporite Platinum Plus really takes the cake.