Vapor Cup Vaporizer


vapor cup vaporizer
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Vapor Cup Deluxe portable vaporizer is a discreet vaporizer that looks just like a travel mug and has digital technology while being durable as it is made out of stainless steel and the heating chamber is removable making loading the herbs inside the chamber even an easier task especially when you're on the go and don't have time for accidents. The quality of vaporization with the Vapor Cup is high quality vapor produced as the consumer will see the vast amount of vapor it can produce and be amazed at how rich in flavor the vapor taste since the Vapor Cup never over vapes your herbal materials.


Performance Of The Vapor Cup

The Vapor Cup is a discreet performing vaporizer, will outperform most other portable vaporizers especially since the unique design is very discreet as onlookers would never guess exactly what the true device you're carrying around really is. You will get over 2 hours of vaporization with extreme and optimal performance of the well-designed stainless steel vaporizer, the exterior structure is extra durable and in your hands you will feel like you're holding a very high-quality and valuable device. With a OLED screen to read out the precise temperature, you can set your custom vaping experience using the Vapor Cup vaporizer. The Default temperature of the Vapor Cup is 360 degrees Fahrenheit but with the advanced OLED screen, you can change the temperature from 200 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to experience low heating setting or maximum heating settings without ever burning your herbs into ash as you will fully endure a perfect vaporization experience when using the Vapor Cup Vaporizer.


Vapor Cup Design

This vaporizer is extremely discreet which is the entire goal the makers over at Vapor Cup wanted for their consumers. One quality trait about the Vapor Cup is the design and it looks just like a travel mug. There's a button in the middle which is called the heater button and it follows with two smaller buttons to where you can change the direction of the heating settings you want at a custom level. The removable stainless steel heating chamber allows you to safely and easily change out your herbs and load them in without making a big mess. Comparing the Vapor Cup to a regular travel mug will be almost to impossible to tell which is which as the discreet design gives you a complete privacy sleeve into what you're actually doing so your peers never have a clue what you truly do. When you want to own a vaporizer with a unique and discreet look, it is the Vapor Cup that would be your perfect option.


Buying The Vapor Cup

With the two types of ways you want to vape, one being the quick sessions mode or a long and relaxed session that can be used with your peers, the Vapor Cup will work with whatever you throw at it from the fingertips of your controls, you set the type of temperature you want to use when vaping. You simply can quickly pack your herbs at the end of the glass straw-stem which will allow you to quickly vape when on the go and in a hurry or you can load your herbs in the herbal chamber and vaporize when it is time you want to relax. The Discreet design of the Vapor Cup eliminates and suspicion in what you're actually doing, a perfect private vaporizer to own. This is the newest and most elaborate portable vaporizer to hit the market late in 2015 and supplies are limited, act now and purchase the Vapor Cup while it is still in stock.