Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer


Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer
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The new portable vaporizer the Summit Plus is the latest release from Vapium. Equipped with the all the features as its original, the Vapium Summit Plus has been re-tooled and now has even more great aspects to it! Such features include Bluetooth smartphone control for Android and IOS, an integrated stir tool, a longer lasting 3300mAh lithium-ion battery, an IP54 certified splash proofing rating against dirt and water as well as the ability to operate in harsh weather condition. Whether you are out enjoying yourself at the beach, out camping, or you are out for mountain climbing, the Vapium Summit Plus is the vaporizer you want by your side. 

Ergonomic Design

The Vapium Summit Plus design is similar to its original version. It’s still built with the high-quality components that make it a portable vaporizer it is. It’s built with stainless steel with a little bit of polycarbonate material. The Vapium Summit Plus is only seven inches long, a sizable length to be able to fit your pocket properly. 

Bluetooth Smartphone Control

Pairing your smartphone with Vapium Summit Plus provides you with the ultimate control, allowing you to control your session time, the temperature settings as well as a nifty boost feature. If preset heat settings are not what you want, simply pair the device to your IOS or Android smartphone and dial your preferred vaping temperature. 


The molded plastic mouthpiece is attached to the unit’s body with a strong magnetic which can be removed by just pulling. It has a low draw resistance making it rather easy to pull vapor through the airway. There are no any plastic parts in the airway. It is also very simple to clean the airway with a regular cleaner when the mouthpiece is removed. 

Dry Herb Chamber

The air tube going to the mouthpiece and the heating chamber are made of stainless steel. It features a small screen at the bottom of the chamber to prevent the herb from falling through into the airway. The chamber is heated up with a conduction element. It chamber can hold about two to three grams of herb. It shouldn’t be tampered with too much or overfilled, or it will interfere with the draw. The amount of herb you can be able to put in the chamber is enough for about 10 to 20 draws. 

Temperature settings

Users can be able to choose from eight different temperature settings. The temperature range of Vapium Summit Plus is 160C to 230C or 330F to 440F. 

Battery and Charging

The Vapium Summit Plus rechargeable battery is built-in. The unit uses a 3300mAh lithium battery. One charge delivers power for about an hour of vaping. That is enough charge that can go for about eight to ten vaping sessions. One good thing about this unit is that the battery has a pass-through feature that allows you to continue vaping even when it’s charging. For it to fully charge it takes an hour.

Buying the Vapium Summit Plus

Overall the Vapium Summit Plus is an excellent vaporizer for the price. It delivers a tasty, clean vapor and offers you with a wide range of temperature selection so that you can best enjoy your herbs. It’s well designed for withstanding pronged use in all kind of extreme environments, and it’s very easy to use.