Vapium Summit Review

The Vapium Summit is a unique vaporizer for dry herbs. It was made specifically for the outdoors and has a rugged design that makes it really stand out.


At only $150, the Vapium Summit is an absolute steal and one of the best value herbal vaporizers we have to offer. It has an innovative design, high-quality construction, and features normally found in much more expensive models.


Vapium is one of the new players to the game. The Summit is the first product they’ve manufactured and appear to have hit a home run. They are one of the few companies that have managed to offer a premium product at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. By doing this and offering prompt customer service, they are quickly making a name for themselves in the vaporizer industry.


It has a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any malfunction or defects.

Heat-up Time

The Vapium Summit can heat up in as little as 35-45 seconds, depending on the selected temperature setting.

Power Supply & Battery Life

The Summit vaporizer uses an internal lithium ion battery that takes only 1 hour to fully charge and then allows for 1 hour of continuous use at 410°F. This is well above average in comparison to the majority of other hand-held herbal vaporizers. Because this model was designed to be used in the outdoors, they also offer a separate solar charger that enables you to re-charge the device without needing access to a power outlet!


When it comes to portability and size, you’ll be hard pressed to find another dry herb vaporizer designed better. The Vapium Summit features an ergonomic grip that makes it feel comfortable and easy to grip. The exterior of this unit is also made with a high strength polycarbonate and works great in any terrain, including in snow! Additionally, the heating chamber is covered by a very unique tethered, magnetic lid. This lid allows super easy access to the heating chamber and makes loading your herbs a seamless task.

Ease of Use

The Vapium Summit is one of our most advanced portable vaporizers in terms of features while still remaining to be easy enough for first time users. It has a simple “Go” button to turn the unit on or off and vibrates when doing so. This vibration technology also alerts when the vaporizer is finished and ready to vape. Additionally, the Summit vaporizer has an easy-draw mouthpiece that is specifically crafted for resistance inhalation. This means there is very little resistance and allows you to get a nice draw.

Vapor Quality

The Summit portable vaporizer produces a high quality vapor that is quite impressive. It has a stainless steel heating chamber and is manufactured with medical grade materials. This gives it an incredibly clear air pathway and results in a very pure vapor with maximum flavor! One negative aspect we've noticed though is that sometimes the herbs will not heat evenly and will require an occasional stir in order to get maximum use out of your material.

Heating and Temperature Regulators

The Vapium Summit offers temperature control and has 8 different settings to choose from:

  • Setting 1 (half Blue) – 160°C / 320°F
  • Setting 2 (Blue) – 170°C / 338°F
  • Setting 3 (half Yellow) – 180°C / 356°F
  • Setting 4 (Yellow) – 190°C / 374°F
  • Setting 5 (half Orange) – 200°C / 392°F
  • Setting 6 (Orange) – 210°C / 410°F
  • Setting 7 (half Red) – 220°C / 428°F
  • Setting 8 (Red) – 230°C / 446°F

There is a “+” and “-” button to easily cycle between the settings.