Vapium Lite





-          30 Second Heating

-          Ceramic oven

-          Eight Heat Settings (356 °F - 446 °F)

-          Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery 18500 1100 mAh

-          Vapor Path: Medical Grade Silicone and Polycarbonate

-          Approximately 60 minutes charging time

-          Case Material: Anodized Aluminum

-          Vapor Delivery Method: Direct Draw

-          Discreet Design

The Vapium Lite Vaporizer is the only vaporizer that is well-designed for adventure. This compact dry herb vaporizer combines power, stealth, and simplicity in one budget-friendly device. It features a pure ceramic heating chamber which vaporizes dry herbs efficiently thus extracting more compounds from less material. It also has an advanced air path which pulls clean air from outside and into the ceramic heating chamber thereby producing pure-tasting hits. The eight optimized temperature settings allow you to explore diverse vapor styles while the fast heating delivers vapor on demand. It is advisable to remove the built-in stir tool to achieve a rapid stir, mix and pack. Read on to know more about some of its amazing features.


Vapium Lite is very pocket-friendly. It is about 4 and a half inches wide and slightly over six inches tall and with rounded edges thus making it fit snugly into any pocket. Vapium Lite comprises many user-friendly features which makes it attractive for most beginners. It is very easy to load the herbs. , snap off the mouthpiece to expose the ceramic chamber, place your dry herbs, and you are good to go. The water pipe adapter is a perfect addition. However, it seems at odds with the design ethos of the light. This is because this device is usually meant for beginners and adapters are often meant for advanced vapers.

It also has a raised rim on the mouthpiece which helps to prevent any spillage of the herb and makes loading easier. The temperature and power control buttons are big enough such that you can probably see them from outer space. The preset temperatures are clearly labelled with LED lights, and it also has haptic feedback which vibrates when it is ready. An integrated stirring tool that is on the base of the device is also a nice touch to the device.


The size of the heating chamber can fit up to 0.33 grams which are mostly enough for a single session for most vapers. The silicon-air path helps to keep the vapor pure. However, it does not do much for the flavor, and neither does the plastic mouthpiece. This is due to the material, and it's a short length which is not the most comfortable. Despite all of these limitations, the quality of the vapor should be good enough for beginners. The 18500mAh battery capacity is good for about 10 to 12 sessions, and the speedy USB-C cable charges it up in about 60 minutes.

Optimized Heat Settings 

Whereas most compact dry herb vapes feature up to four temperature settings, the Lite comes with eight. It has a simple control interface that has temperature lights hence providing you with convenient mastery during your vaping sessions. After you have chosen a temperature setting, the vaporizer will heat in for 30 seconds giving you rapid hits on the go.

Buying Vapium Lite Vaporizer

This device is perfect for beginners; this means that it does exactly what it is set out to do. It is discreet and easy to use, and it gives out nice vapor. Also, it is pocket-friendly, so it does not have all the features of your more expensive units. Its form factor also feels amazing while holding it and the construction is sturdy. It is the best option for those that are interested in getting into the vaporizer world without having to break their banks. Apart from its minor flaws, it is a solid first vaporizer. And as you already know, switching from smoking to vaping is always the best decision.


-          1 x Vapium Lite Vaporizer

-          1 x 14/18mm WPA

-          1 x USB-C Charger Cable

-          1 x Extra Clean Air Intake Drawer

-          1 x Cleaning Brush

-          1 x Integrated Stirring Tool

Technical Specifications

-          Product Weight: 0.19 lbs (88 grams)

-          Product Dimensions: 10 cm x 2.2 cm x 3.6 (3.9” x 0.62” x 1.42”)

-          Chamber Capacity: 0.33 Grams