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The Vapir Prima is an amazing portable vaporizer and the first portable vaporizer made by the popular manufacturer Vapir. It is a portable vaporizer which uses the best type of heating conductor metal you could possibly use which is brass metal chamber. Changing the temperatures to what you like makes it a seamless task as you can easily cycle  through to change your temperature settings with a quick puush of the button.   The Battery level indicator is a sure way to tell the person if they need to charge the battery out.  Getting light to medium draws is the entire vaping goal for the Prima consumers as the low draw  resistance will be able to output strong vapor quality. With over 4 temperature settings getting custom vaporization on any materials is going to leave you with the best vaporization for such a great vaporizer. Vaping with the Prima's convection vaporization, you get over 2 hours of non stop use since it uses a powerful lithium ion battery with over 3200mAH of power and it is easy to charge with a micro-USB charger making it easy to charge almost anywhere.

Vapir Prima Design Quality
With the unique design of the Vapir Prima consumers can finally get the perfect sized vaporizer since it can fit in any pocket. The Stainless steel materials and the vapor path give it an anti-residue factor for when you need to clean the vaporizer out, it makes it a simple and hassle free task.  You open the cover on the bottom when you want to remove the removable batteries for quick charging.  The heavy, stainless steel outter shell makes the durability a quality feel to it.  The Prima dimensions are 4 ¾” H by 1 ¼” wide by 1 ¾” deep and weighs roughly 167 grams.On the Primia located on the side is 4 LED lights that will flicker when you power the Prima on then you can select the different heating level you want the Prima to reach.  Having access to the removable batteries is another convienent incentive the Prima offers for quick removable to replace with a fresh battery if you happen to choose on getting an extra battery.

Vapir Prima Heat Settings
The performance of the Vapir Prima is an amazing scene when using the Prima, the easy-to-use function give you more control over what happens when you're vaping your favorite herbs. Selection of the Prima's heating settings can be seen with the LED lights which give you insight as to what temperature you have set. With the Brass metal heating chamber, it is difficult to actually over-vape your materials since the Brass serves as a great heating conductor.  Loading your herbs inside the Quartz Crystal glass atomizer inside the Brass heating chamber will give you the high-quality vaporization you're looking for when judging a portable vaporizer. When using the Prima, you look at the indicator lights, when you power the Prima on you want to make sure the lights flicker orange and then solid green which means the Prima is heating up. When the heating is reached, the lights will turn solid green which means the temperature you selected is the heating degree you have selected and you're ready to vape on!

Temperature Settings For The Vapir Prima
The desired temperature you want is based off heating levels. You  must select the heating level you want and hopefully it is in the zone of what you like it to be. Be assured, the heating levels will work very well, just because it doesn't have an OLED screen to where you precisely set your temperature doesn't mean it won't work well.  In fact, the Vapir Prima has been tested by many beta tester consumers before they launched the Prima on the market and it was a test study to detiermine the best heating level and the Prima nailed the temperatures right on the head with the best heating levels.

Heating Levels For The Vapir Prima

  • Level 1 provides a temperature range between 350° F – 360° F ( 176.67° C – 182.22° C )
  • Level 2’s range is 365° F – 375° F ( 185° C – 190.56° C )
  • Level 3 provides a range of 380° F – 390° F ( 193.33° C – 198.89° C ) and their highest heat setting
  • Level 4 is a range between 390° F – 400° F ( 198.89° C – 204.44° C )

Amazing Battery Power Vapir Prima Holds
With the test study, many consumers were amazed at the strength and power of the Vapir Prima's battery. It has gotten the best reviews out of all the test studies conducted and has been a big hit for the strength it holds. The 3200mAH battery will give you 80 minutes of consistant vaping and that's if you keep it at the highest heating level.  On average, you get about 10 full vaping sessions on one fully charged battery vaping for 5 minutes a session. A positive feature is the auto-shuttoff setting, with the Prima, you have complete control on how long your sessions will be and that makes the Prima an even more appealing vaporizer to own.

Vapir Prima Positive Reviews
Before the launch of the Vapir Prima, the Judges rated it a 5/5 on the vaping quality and performance and the price got a 5/5 as well and judges said the unit is reasonable at the $300 range which is far more then what the Prima actually costs. The 4 levels of heating give you more control and the LED indicator lights help you not only dictate  the heating level that's set, but give you the batteries life in the blink of a light.  The Vapir Prima uses a 3200mAH Lithium Battery which is powerful enough to reach maximum temperature in 30 seconds and strong enough to last 80 minutes of continous use at the maximum temperature.  The strength of the Vapir Prima's outer shell is very strong, made out of stainless steel and the weight and durability of the Prima make it a heavy-duty type of portable vaporizer that feels quality like in your hands.