Utillian 722 Vaporizer





  • Unmatched portability
  • Anodized aluminium body
  • Stainless steel heating chamber
  • Enhanced airflow
  • 100% convection vaporizer
  • Easy single-button operation
  • Convenient boost mode to boost temperature up to 225˚
  • 4 Temperature settings of 180˚, 190˚, 200˚, 210˚
  • The powerful battery life of 1 hour
  • Automatic turn-off feature after 5 minutes
  • Suitable for dry herb
  • Magnetic lid


With a strong resemblance to its predecessor, the Utillian 721, the Utillian 722 comes with more improved features than its former counterpart. One of the most outstanding features of the Utillian 722 is its Boost mode with which you can reach temperatures of up to 225˚, unlike the Utillian 721 which only reached a temperature of 215˚. To top it off, the boost mode feature enables the vaporizer to heat up to the highest temperature within a record 60 seconds. That is quite fast compared to your regular vaporizer. Unlike some dry herb vaporizers that have only three temperature settings, the Utillian 722 vaporizer boasts of 4 different temperature settings of 180˚, 190˚, 200˚ and 210˚. This means more range in terms of vaping experience and user preference.

The design

This vaporizer comes in a sleek anodized aluminium body which makes it very lightweight hence its portability and convenience. The heating chamber is made of stainless steel, a feature which enhances the flavor of the vapor. The mouthpiece is made of plastic to reduce heat transfer while you are vaping, so you do not get burnt.

The battery and performance

The Utillian 722 comes with an in-built 2300mAh battery. If you are wondering how powerful the battery of this new vaporizer is, then you can be assured that this device guarantees a cool 60-minute use without a recharge. This means 5 to 8 uninterrupted vaping sessions depending on the temperature setting you are on. This is even more convenient for light users who may not need to charge their vaporizers for up to two days, depending on their usage. The battery charges through a USB cable which is available in the purchase package.

Operating the Utillian 722 vaporizer

The Utillian 722 vaporizer is quite the user-friendly device. With just a one-button operation, it is only a matter of time before you are able to master the device’s operation. Pressing the button twice changes between the different temperature settings while pressing the button five times in quick succession activates the boost mode. It also has an LED light feature which flickers and changes color to show when you switch to different functions. The LED light has four color modes for each temperature setting—Green for 180˚, blue for 190˚, purple for 200˚ and red for 210˚. Additionally, the device automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Package contents

This is what you get when you purchase the Utillian 722 vaporizer.

  • 1 x Utillian 722 vaporizer
  • 1 x micro-USB cable
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 3 x spare screens
  • 3 x large O-rings for the magnetic lid
  • 3 x small O-rings for the mouthpiece

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