Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review


There seems to be an ever-growing amount of vaporizers out there that promise delivery but none the less, fall short. Whether you're a long time vape enthusiast, or a newcomer on the scene, finding something of great quality all while remaining budget friendly can be difficult. After all, the entire point of a vaporizer is a safer, better, and cleaner alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. But can this be achieved all while ending up at a lower price tag? The answer is yes.

Pulsar and their rapidly growing reputation for making quality vapes hit an all-time winner with the APX . Offering a total of ten beautiful designs (seven original, three limited edition), and one exclusively designed by renowned street artist Ras Terms, there is certain to be something palatable for everyone! With a price tag starting at around $55, this intuitive dry herb vaporizer packs a feature-rich punch into a durable, and ever so stealthy, pint-size device. Here's the full breakdown...

Package Contents:

  • x1 APX Vaporizer
  • x1 USB charge cord
  • x1 Tweezers
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 Wax tool
  • x4 replacement screens
  • x1 Wax and oil concentrate cup
  • x1 User guide


Upon designing this product, new users were definitely kept in mind! Allowing for just about anyone to pick it up and quickly figure out how to operate it. The Pulsar APX stands at just 4 inches tall and weighs in at a mere 0.47lbs, allowing for maximum portability. The incredibly compact and discreet sleekness of the architecture makes carrying it around wherever you go a cinch. It also comes equipped with a simple one button design, give it just 5 clicks and watch it begin to heat up. The indicator light will glow red while the unit is heating then turn green when it is ready for use. 

Boasting five temperature settings and a prep time of about 45 seconds, you can start vaping almost immediately. LED lights for battery and temperature indication allow you to easily monitor both at a simple glance. Loading the chamber is as simple as popping the mouthpiece off. This also goes for unloading. 

Another great feature is the automatic shut-off that engages after 5 minutes, so as to ensure yourself and your surroundings remain accident-free. A small tip to also help prevent overheating accidents is to always keep your vaporizer clean. This goes hand in hand with maintenance and longevity of the device as well. If you are unsure of how anything works, it comes packaged with a super handy, easy to follow guide.

The 5 distinct temperatures are 356F, 374F, 392F, 410F and 428F. To adjust the temperature setting, you simply hold the button for 3 seconds. Whichever heat setting was previously used, the device will remember the next time it's powered on. The variability of temperature settings is rare to see on vapes within this price range, as most only offer one setting. Just another of the many great additions to the Pulsar APX.

Battery Life
In addition, the battery life indicator will always let you know when its time to plug in the micro USB charger to replenish its built in 1600 mAh lithium ion battery. This capacity generally allows for around 20 minutes of use-time according to the temperature setting you choose. Depending on how much herb is put in, this comes out to be around 5 full sessions. The recommended battery charge time for max usage is three hours. 

Vapor Quality

Convection Heating
The vapor quality produced is certainly satisfying, to say the least. This particular vaporizer uses a ceramic chamber with convection heating technology to delicately warm the herb at a graduated, yet, still highly efficient rate; therefore preserving a much richer and smooth tasting flavor. While other vapes will use similar technology, the downside is the mouthpiece tends to overheat. This is not the case with the Pulsar APX. If that isn't enough, it's also compatible with concentrates and oil. Although, Pulsar does make a dedicated wax vaporizer as well.

With literally hundreds of options available in the price range of vaporizers alike, here are some of the pros and the cons to consider:


  • 0.35-gram oven - long lasting session
  • Attractive designs
  • 5 preset temperature settings
  • Quick heating chamber (under 1 minute)
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used with concentrates (oils, hashes, waxes)
  • Great vapor quality, no overheating mouthpiece
  • Unbeatable price vs. overall quality



  • Shorter warranty coverage than products alike (6-month guarantee) 
  • Must finely grind herb before inserting or it will quickly clog the chamber
  • Less battery life than products alike 


Pulsar's APX vaporizer is a wonderful alternative to some of the more expensive options out there. Along with price consideration comes an element of caution when carrying it around. The more expensive, the more careful you are. With the APX you don't have to worry as much about damaging or breaking it because the price makes it just as easily replaceable. In terms of functionality, it provides the type of performance and dependability you'd expect from a device twice its price. 

Big things do in fact come in small packages, and the APX is absolute proof of that. While the brand is just as important, Pulsar continues to redefine the vaporizer marketplace, always providing a top tier vaporization experience at a fraction of the price of the competition. This vaporizer without a doubt is guaranteed to satisfy new and experienced vapers alike.