The Peak Pro


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  • Bluetooth app connectivity

  • USB-C connection

  • Wireless Qi charging

  • Auto-sleep function

  • Real-time temperature control

  • Customizable LED lights function

  • Double water capacity

  • Fast 30 second heating time

  • Four preprogrammed heat settings

  • Large sealed ceramic chamber

  • Fast charge setting

  • Comes with a carrying case


After launching the Puffco Peak back in 2018, the product gained so much recognition that saw different improved innovations in the world of concentrate vaporizers. The Puffco Peak set the pace for other concentrate vaporizer manufacturers. However, even with the most innovative products, there is always room for improvement. That is why Puffco is soon launching a new improvement to the Puffco Peak, dubbed The Puffco Peak Pro. The manufacturer took into consideration the massive consumer feedback and came up with what will be one of the most innovative and high-tech concentrate vaporizers for a long time.


The most outstanding feature of the Puffco Peak Pro must be the app that it comes with. The app is meant to make your vaping experience easier and more convenient. The app, which is connected via Bluetooth, enables you to customize your vaping experience by controlling the temperatures, heat settings, as well as tracking your daily and even total dabs. The four heating presets are as follows.

White - 590˚F

Red - 554˚F

Yellow - 518˚F

Blue - 482˚F

The app enables you to customize these settings to your preferred settings. You can also adjust time and LED color settings through the app. The customizable LED lighting feature can give you a variety of light experiences such as disco, wave, and pulse. You can also opt for the stealth mode if you want a discrete vaping experience. The boost mode in the app also enables you to automatically increase the temperature after a certain period during a session.



The Peak Pro comes with a long clear glass pout, which makes sure your mouth is further away from the heating chamber. The glass material, which is high-quality hand-blown borosilicate glass, remains top quality as in its predecessors. The chamber is also much bigger (40% larger) compared to the Puffco Peak, and this gives the additional capacity for your concentrates for a longer vaping experience. The Peak Pro also has an improved exterior design with a polished matt finish with a metallic band for even better aesthetics.


The USB-C charging is the most preferred power transmitter as it carries more power and can be used in devices with larger capacity without a problem. The Peak Pro comes with a fast charge setting so your device can power up faster for more convenience. It also comes with a wireless charging feature. For this, you will need the Peak Pro Power Dock wireless charger, a separate accessory that is not included in the Peak Pro package. The Peak Pro Power dock can also act as a power bank for your vaporizer as well as other devices if you are on the go.

With the Peak Pro high powered battery, you can be guaranteed 25 to 30 sessions per charge as it boasts of 2 full charges within a 2-hour charge time.

The chamber

The large capacity chamber is more enhanced as it has a sensor embedded in it to control the temperatures and vape concentrations. The sensor keeps the temperatures and concentrations consistent, no matter how hard you inhale or how much oil you load. This consistency gives one of the best vaping experiences, which most vaporizers do not offer. Another upgrade to the chamber is the Oculus carb cap, which offers a window into the heating chamber

Buying guide

Since there is no clear release date yet, the Peak Pro can be preordered in different vendor websites or stores.

In the package

  • Peak Pro vaporizer

  • Magnetic carrying case

  • Tether

  • Dab pick

  • Cleaning swabs

  • Oculus carb dab

  • USB-C charging cable