The Jiggy

Kind Pen

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-          Compatible with e-liquid as well as concentrates

-          5 Click On/Off

-          Compatible with all the 520 Cartridges

-          Click Variable Voltage

-          510 threading

-          Quartz Chamber and Quartz Coil Technology

-          400 mAh Battery

-          Safety Feature

-          Used for Aromatherapy Purposes Only

-          Lifetime Warranty

The Jiggy is a great device that gives users the opportunity to use it both as an electronic rig and vape pen. The device comes equipped with a dab quartz rod atomizer that takes the users vaping experience a notch higher by offering the classic vape feel. Also, it features a straw atomizer attachment for convenient dab dips. While using the Jiggy as a straw, all you need to do is just dip the straw into your concentrate and take a draw. You don’t need to do any preloading of your vaping material. This device also has a ccell 510 cartridge used for traditional oil vaping.


The Jiggy vaporizer was designed with convenience in mind since it is very portable. The small size of this vape pen makes it convenient to use on the go. It can easily fit in the pocket as well as in the purse. Also, if you don’t like attracting attention while taking your vapes, this is the device you need.


The Jiggy vaporizer comes with a 400 mAh battery. This power is equally good since you can be able to go for several sessions before recharging. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about interruption of your vaping session while on the go.

Vapor Quality

The Jiggy is built with some of the best material that guarantees vapor quality. It contains a metal coil that heats up your vaping material, turning them into tasty vapor ready for you to inhale. The device offers you the true vapor of your concentrates.

Buying the Jiggy Vaporizer

The Jiggy vaporizer is a very user-friendly device that can be used by both newbies and veteran vapers. Cleaning the device is also pretty simple since it does not have many different parts to assemble. Unlike many other vaporizers in the market, the Jiggy has the ability to vape both concentrates and e-liquid. Considering all that the Jiggy can offer, the price is also well worth it. Buy your unit today and start your journey to awesome vaping in the right foot.


-          1 x Jiggy Device

-          1 x Instant Heat Dip Attachment w/Quartz Tip

-          1 x User Manual

-          1 x Packing Tool

-          1 x 520 Cartridge

-          1 x Micro USB

-          5 X O Ring

-          5 x Ripe Cleaner