Swiss Kit Vaporizer





-          Easily Compatible with various Chambers

-          Easy and Fast refill

-          Micro USB Charging

-          The Housing is Resistant to Scratch

-          Heat Up Time is High Speed

-          Features Three Preset Temperature Settings

-          Works as Rig Insert

The Swiss Vaporizer is a multi-purpose device that allows users to use it in several different ways. It can be used as a portable vaporizer, an e-nail and also as a rig insert. This device is designed to vape both wax and dry herbs. The Swiss vaporizer features a body that is scratch resistant thus preventing any occurrence of wear and tear while you are on the go. In addition, this unit comes with three preset temperatures that one can choose to achieve the biggest hits.

The Swiss vaporizer has also been made in a way that it is compatible with more than one heating chambers. These heating chambers include the Studio Rig and Greedy. Atmos has done an incredible job in designing their products in a way that they are easily compatible and usable with their other different products.

A Heating Chamber for Every Different Occasion

This device is built in a way that it can easily work with the most of the 510 atomizers and heating cartridges currently available on the market. These atomizers include the Greedy and Studio Rig alongside other both new and old atomizers. However, you also have the option of completely removing the Swiss chamber connector and then attaching it to the Studio Rig attachment if you would like to use it as a desktop vaporizer.

Some Impressive Details about the Swiss

Whether you choose to put your device on display or even use it as a desktop vaporizer, the Swiss base stand is a perfect addition to any of your choice. The device features a silicon insert that adapts twenty-four and twenty-two millimeters batteries. This makes it be an excellent accessory for your vaporizer as well as your regular mode batteries. One of the most incredible feature that brings convince to this device is the uniquely designed silicon funnel and cap. It allows the user to easily and quickly fill the unit during vaping sessions.

Buying the Swiss Vaporizer Kit

Buying the Swiss Vaporizer Kit should be at the top of anyone’s list who needs a discreet vaporizer for both waxes and herb. It is also best if you purchased with us through our online store to get a great price on a unit that will last you for years to come.


- (1) Swiss Vaporizer
- (1) Glass Mouthpiece
- (1) Titanium Nail Chamber
- (1) Base Stand
- (1) Bottom Cap / Waxy Container
- (1) Packing Tool
- (1) USB Charger

Technical Specifications

-         Dimensions:5.44 T x 0.94 D