Super Surfer Vaporizer

7th Floor

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As the guys from the 7th floor are gearing to introduce the newest member of their desktop vaporizer family, hype is quickly building for the Super Surfer. The Super Surfer Vaporizer looks a lot like its predecessor the Silver Surfer. What makes this model distinct from its older brother is the fact that it is a little bit lifted on the base so there is a slight incline to the main body of the unit.


The Super Surfer has a strong and stable base that contains a fan or heat generator as well as some LED lights. For “mood lighting”. The heater has been redesigned to allow you to change between options. You can either use the whip or use the balloon bag system.


The Super Surfer is a versatile animal. It can be used in three different ways depending on your mood or your preferred style. The first way to use it is through the convectional way—through a balloon bag. The fan at the base of the Super Surfer will allow you to trap vapor inside a balloon bag. The outside filter prevents any unnecessary impurities. The kit will include a 19 to 19 glass adapter, a glass bag sleeve and a plastic bag. The second way to use the Super Surfer is by using it as an aromatherapy device. All you need is to install your favorite essential oils and you’re good to go. The third way you can experience this bad boy is through the standard whip kit. What you do is you heat up the temperature all the way so the unit heats up quickly. After a couple of minutes you can then set it to the temperature you prefer. There’s a vacuum that sucks the herbs up the wand. The vacuum is a new feature that was developed by 7th Floor to make loading herbs a lot easier.