Studendglass Kompact Gravity Infuser


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  • Fixed base unit for stability and safety

  • Multi-function gravity

  • Complete kit for versatile use

  • 360-degree rotatable activation

  • 3ft rubber hose included

  • Anodized metal construction

  • 14mm Male to Male adapter

  • Contactless water pipe

  • Forced air delivery

The Kompact Gravity Infuser is the most recent innovation from Studenglass. It features a similar patented 360-degree multi-function gravity system and design as the inventive Gravity Hookah. However, it is now available in a more refined, pocket-friendly size that comes in a customized case to ensure safe traveling. Additionally, the Kompact creates kinetic motion activation through the flowing water displacement, the natural force of gravity, and opposing airflow technology, thus resulting in smooth and cool draws.


The Kompact Gravity Infuser is fully designed for high-functioning versatility, and it also comes with a glass liner and an aluminum bowl kit. To add more to the functionality, it is possible to connect any device or attachment that has a 14mm male joint. Also, it features a custom-fitted travel case that is carefully designed with high-quality fabric to fit the exact shape of the device, thus reducing the risk of breakage or damage during transportation. Moreover, included is a 3-foot silicone hookah hose that can be connected to the 45-degree adjustable mouthpiece for contactless consumption or direct draws.

Contactless Consumption

In the era of the pandemic, contactless delivery on shareable vaporization and smoking devices is undoubtedly the most invincible feature for shared experiences. As the smoke is blown through the mouthpiece, the user can take direct draws, thereby enjoying contactless consumption and preventing the spreading of viruses.

Buying the Studendglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

Coming in at just about a foot tall, the Kompact is what you need to enjoy the benefits of your favorite dry herbs or concentrates in an easy-to-handle package. The smaller globes hold about a cup or a third of the volume compared to the full size; therefore, this creates cooler and faster vapor pulls.

Therefore, if you are looking for a show-stopping water bong that combines both design and functionality while also delivering a clean smoking experience, then the Studendglass Kompact Gravity Infuser is all you need.


  • 1 x Metal Device

  • 2 x Borosilicate Glass Globes

  • 1 x Silicone Hose

  • 1 x Bowl

  • 1 x Adapters

  • 1 x Cleaning Kit

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Stundenglass

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Metal, Glass

  • Dimensions: 8L x 8W x16 inches H

  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Compatibility: Dry Herbs and Concentrates