Source Slim 4


Source Slim 4 Wax Vape pen
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  • 3 Heat Settings
  • 5 Second Heat Time
  • Coil-less Atomizer
  • Stainless Steel 303 Construction
  • Titanium Quartz Double Coil Atomizer

The Slim 4 is another example of the commitment Las Vegas vape company Source Vape has to producing vaporizers with the finest quality materials and technological advancements.First appearing as an attachment to their Orb series, the Slim (sometimes referred to as the Orb Slim) also comes as a self-contained kit full of features and accessories to complete your wax vaping experience.

Improvements And Features

Since version 2.0, Source have been offering coil-less atomizers for their vapes and the 4.0 series has four of these, putting the total at nine atomizers to choose from. The Slim includes one coil-less nail made out of grade 2 titanium for the utmost in durability, with no leaking, dripping or messy clean up. You get a second atomizer too, a titanium  double coil for those times when you’re after bigger clouds and stronger hits but still with yummy flavor. All of their coils are tested in the USA to meet the more demanding standards and performance that Source requires to maintain the quality their brand is known for. Series 4 pens benefit from more ports and an improved VAS (Variable Airflow System)  that can be easily adjusted, a magnetic lock to keep atomizers secure, and 510 threading. There’s also a convenient wax container to store your material so it’s ready for use any time you need it. The Slim 4 has a polished and refined look due to the 303 stainless steel that’s specially formulated to resist corrosion and damage.

Easily Portable

At just under 5 inches and under a quarter of a pound, it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy wax vaping while out and about. You can easily store the whole kit inside an included travel case, yet another reason this vape makes an excellent choice for on-the-go use. The specially designed sub ohm 650mAh battery offers three total temperature settings, enough to let you experiment with heating your material just right for the flavor you prefer. Vapor quality is excellent whether you take cool hits or big milky rips on higher temperatures.

Operating The Source Slim 4

After making sure the battery is sufficiently charged you can attach it to the Slim 4. Take off the top of the Slim 4 and add an atomizer. Fill up the required amount of material with the included dab tool and add the top back on and then adjust the airflow control to the desired settings. Click the button five times to turn on the battery and set the temperature to one of the three settings with the highest recommended for using the nail. Get ready to draw and press the button while taking a hit. After releasing the button you can take a few more hits. This helps cool the chamber and use up any waxes still left over.

Buying The Source Slim 4

The Source Slim 4 represents some of the strictest quality assured materials of any vaporizer available online. There’s a total of nine atomizers available that cover coil, double coil, coil-less nail, quartz, and ceramic models you’ll never miss out on flexible options to experiment with. With gig quality vapor in a compact and easily portable design for all under $100, this is an absolute bargain and an easy buy for wax lovers.


  • 2x 4 Series Atomizers
  • Dab Tool
  • Large Travel Case
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Source Slim Attachment
  • Source volt mini battery w/silicone container

Technical Specifications

  • 2.6v to 4.2v
  • 350F - 450F
  • 3” x 5.75” x 3.25”
  • 510 Threaded
  • 650mAh Sub Ohm Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty