Source Orb 4 Vape Pen


source orb 4 vaporizer pen kit
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The Source Orb 4 is a masterpiece invention advanced design vape pen new to the industry to kick the new 2016 year off to make many vaping enthusiasts dreams come true with an entire Quartz Crystal atomizer set beautify designed for every type of concentrate needed to have an advanced vaporization dabbing experience. The Source Orb has 6 different atomizers, each one being able to produce a unique result but always taking into consideration with holding the original flavor and potency without over-vaping or charring the concentrate to where the taste isn't pleasant. With a lifetime warranty, the stainless-steel structured vaporizer is considered to be a durable and almost indestructible vape pen that's going to last for long periods of time. This is the type of vape pen every vaping enthusiast needs to own in order to claim they have one of the best pen vaporizers in the world.

Unique & Durable Design of the Source Orb Vape Pen
A very comfortable fit like holding your favorite gun and taming it like your favorite pet. The strength of the construction, the durability of the stainless steel 303 and the sleekness of the finish all made the turnout of the Source Orb an amazing accomplishment, The Source Orb 4 contains a steel outer shell using titanium grade materials inside with 10 different air flow vents to produce a strong low-resistance pull when vaping. The atomizers are all constructed to a custom design for the use of the different types of substances that are out there to all patients willing to try it all with the different medications. The Source Orb uses 510 threading meaning you can use other attachments as well even though it is best to stick with the original manufacturers parts and attachments for the best and most custom unique experience.

Source Orb's Unique Features
A quality wax pen vaporizer is usually hard to come by, with the powerful, durable construction of new wax dabbing pen the Source Orb launching in early 2016, we now have a new wax pen vaporizer that offers and performs like it is advertised, giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Having a unique and customized experience is an important feature only the Source Orb offers since you can change the settings with the battery and vape to your favorite temperature you know that works. Each atomizer is equipped with Quartz Crystal glass and titanium grade 1 coils allowing you to experience the most tasteful and potent vapor clouds. This is a mega vaping pen that has so much to offer and for the good price, you're getting a great deal investing in a combustion free wax vaping pen that will only pay for itself in the long run. The 6 types of atomizers making each unique to its own experience as the Source Orb battery can be adjusted to the proper setting if you need to make the proper adjustments for the best type of vaping experience.

Source Orb Battery
The Source Orb uses a strong battery that have 8 variable voltage settings so you can adjust the voltage 3.2v-4.8v at about 650mAH of energy will give you around 2.5 hours to be able to vaporize with for you to get the best vaping experience and the longest sessions which will completely allow you to control the intensity of the heating. As a variable voltage vaporizer, the Source Orb allows the user to control the intensity of the vaping session thus allowing better vaporization management for the specific types of concentrates being vaped utilizing each and every atomizer specifically with the amount of volts being carried up to it to produce an intense, flavorful and very potent experience.

Making The Purchase for The Source Orb
When deciding for the vaporizer being used, it is always a good thing to know if your vaporizer is going to be compatible with exactly what you want to use. After reading all the inside information on the Source Orb, you are probably very sure of yourself and confident in the decision to be made to buy this nice vaporizer. A choice of 7 atomizers to use gives you a wide range of vaping and the specific adjustment of receiving the proper air-flow as the Source Orb's design gives you exclusive vaping for smooth air-flow with very little draw resistance. The strong, pure steel exterior makes that Source Orb practically indestructible to accidental falls or slippage out of your hand being dropped on concentrate since this is an on-the-go vaporizer with tremendous features and longevity of the 650mAH lithium Ion battery with 2.4-3.7 volts that can be changed out to a different setting 8 times. The best dabbing pen is here and buying the Source Orb is a practical and informed decision, especially from all the information we provide you before you make your purchase.

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