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Source Enail Rig
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Source vapes has been a big player in the wax pen game for quite some time now. They have released a series of vapes but their most powerful is the most recent one known as Source nail. The source nail is powered by a 40w TC Box Mod battery that offers a full temp range between 200F to 700F, as well as a full wattage control with a range of 5w to 40w. It’s the first portable eNail to have a temperature control setting. The source nail is packed in a hard shell and padded case that latches shut hence making it easy to use even when traveling. The manufacturer included a heavy duty case to protect it. Below are some of its features.

Source Nail Atomizers

Source nail features three different coil less Atomizers which are completely clean to vaporize waxy oil concentrates. The three atomizers include The Ceramic, Quartz, and Grade 2 Titanium. Each one of them offers a slightly different experience. It is recommended that each one of them be heated to different temperatures. Here is more about that:

Grade 2 Titanium

The first atomizer is a Grade 2 Titanium nail which is the material that dab nail started being made out of. Out of the three included nails, the titanium is obviously the most durable option. 

The Ceramic

The second atomizer is the ceramic which is good for its capability to retain heat. It enables you to get solid heats even after you’ve released the button. It might take a little bit longer to get up to the right temperature, but it’s nothing to worry since we are talking about some few seconds.


The final one is Quartz. It the best when it comes to quick dabs since it is the fastest to reach the sweet port. Also, among the three atomizers, Quartz is the most fragile. It is important that you be a little bit more careful with it. 

Glass Bubbler Attachment

The bubbler attachment is pretty much similar to the ones that are on the handheld e-nails available right now. The bubbler attachment is a little side arm design that fits around the atomizer attachment.

Temperature Control

The source nail features a digital temperature display that can be set to any degree ranging from 200 degrees and 700 degrees or if you prefer operating it in wattage that ranges from 5 watts to 40 watts. 


Source nail has a battery level indicator that provides portability assurance. It’s always fantastic to know how much power you have left in the 40 watts powerhouse. It has an average charging time of two hours. 

Buying the Source Nail

The best part about source nail is the fact that it’s small and easy to use. This hand-sized vaporizer is a lot more compact than most of the portable eRigs available in the market today. Source nail is a more improved device compared to its original versions. Adjustable temperature control provides an amazing vaporizing experience. Cleaning is easy. Vapor delivery is crisp and clean. If you are out there looking for an e-Nail Kit that is smaller, simple and easy to use. Then consider buying the source nail vaporizer.