Source Nail XL Vaporizer - Sig2 Kit


Source Nail XL Vaporizer - Sig2 Kit
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-          Precise temperature control (200 F- 700 F)

-          7 Seconds Heat Up Time

-          Only e-Rig that works with 30+ Different Atomizers

-          510 Threaded

-          USA Certified Food-Grade Ceramic

-          15 Extended Seconds Auto-Shutoff

-          Only e-Rig that Works as a Vape Pen and Portable e-nail

-          Revolutionary easy to clean Removable Coil Less Buckets

The Source Nail XL Vaporizer- Sig2 is a portable e-nail that comes with a wax glass pen and a bubbler attachment. This vaporizer is the only e-Rig that doubles up as an e-nail and a vape pen while still boasting of its compatibility and with over 30 different atomizers. One of the features that the Source Nail XL Vaporizer- Sig2 is very proud of is its ability to deliver accurate and precise heat temperature control that ranges from 200 degrees to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose your best-preferred temperature to unlock flavors, aromas and your most favorable vapor profile. Since this unit works with a plethora of Source atomizers within three series the 3, 4 and XL series, you can enjoy huge clouds in just 7 seconds.

Build Quality

The source has proven their dedication to manufacturing quality time and time again through their past products. Just like other products they have produced before, the Source Nail XL Vaporizer- Sig2 uses lab quality materials made in the United States. Their buckets are also made from the U.S, and they are food grade ceramic, lab-certified and 100% grade 2 titanium.

Unlike many other products in the market that have recently emerged, the Source Nail XL Vaporizer- Sig2 features registered patents. It also features 510 threaded attachments so that you can be able to mix and match.

Vapor Quality

This unit features six different nails, and they are all made from three different materials for vaping preferences. These materials are grade 2 titanium, ceramic and quartz. Each of these materials offers a slightly different vapor quality and taste compared to each other. All of them includes a removable bucket for easy cleaning. This helps you to keep your device clean and vapor pure.

Irrespective of if you are looking for discreet or huge clouds, there is an attachment that will meet your specific needs. One good thing about the Source is that all their products can simply be used with all their other products. This feature allows all the vaporizer lovers to do some creative mixing and matching. This unit also includes glass attachments. The glass attachments are included to ensure that the clouds are cool and of high quality.


When it comes to discreetness, there is the good side and the bad side. The good side is that the wide range of temperature setting available with this device allows for tactful sips after a 7 seconds heat up time. Also, it has included 15 seconds extended auto-shutoff, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll burn a hole in your trouser in a sticky situation.

The bad side of this device is that as much as it is portable, it is large enough for people to notice that you are carrying it on your pocket. Fortunately, its design looks like any other popular e-Cig.

Ease of Use

Since this vaporizer has quite a number of options, it might take a newbie quite some time to learn about all the attachments and what they do. Moreover, the kit does not come with a written down instruction, and the user needs to go online and learn how it is used. However, once you’ve learnt how to use this device, it will be quite hard for you to go back to using a normal vaporizer that does not offer as many choices as it is in the Source Nail XL Vaporizer - Sig2 Kit.

Buying Source Nail XL Vaporizer - Sig2 Kit

Due to the fact that this device comes with a lifetime warranty, it is highly recommendable. This shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has on it. It is the only vaporizer in the market that doubles up as an e-nail as well as a vape pen. With all that this device has to offer, we highly recommend it for anyone looking for an awesome vaping experience.


-          1 x Source Nail XL Attachment

-          1 x Source Nail XL Split Glass Bubbler

-          1 x Source Nail Slim XL Attachment

-          1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

-          1 x Source vapes Metal Case

-          1 x Source Volt Max Temperature Control Sub-Ohm Battery

-          1 x VTC4 2100mah 18650 Battery Cell

Technical Specifications

-          Dimension: 3 x 5.25 x 7.25

-          Compatibility: Concentrates

-          Thread Size: 510

-          Voltage: 110v

-          Weight: 2.21 lbs.

-          Warranty: Lifetime

-          Heat Source: Battery