Sigelei Fuchai 200W TC Box Mod



The new Sigelei 200w mod looks a lot like the Asmodus Snow Wolf. So alike in fact that it just basically looks like an Asmodus Snow Wolf casing that has been upgraded. This should turn some people off but it looks so good we honestly really don’t mind. The body is grey but with a black face fitted with an oversized screen. It looks a little bit like a tiny smart phone. The Sigelei 200w mod is now ready for pre-order.


The Sigelei 200w box mod runs of two 18650 batteries. It has an output of between 5 to 200 watts. That’s a pretty powerful model. This is without a doubt Sigelei’s best model yet and contains all the bells and whistles of Sigelei’s latest developments. The brand is synonymous with quality in the vaping community. It is known for producing high quality temperature control models and chips.


This latest addition to the Sigelei family features an atypically large LCD screen, for e-cig sizes anyway, and the size makes it easier for the user to use all that the Sigelei 200W Box Mod has to offer.


The large LCD screen provides outstanding user interface. In it you can see battery life and the size of the screen also makes it easier for you to adjust the controls and settings of the gadget.


Another noteworthy feature of the new Sigelei is its new software’s ability to preset your preferences and save them. This means that you can switch between tanks, coil material and RDA’s without having to worry about readjusting everything again. With Sigelei temperature control feature for example, you can adjust the temperature between 212 to 662 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent dry hits with certain coils.


This thing is still at the pre-order stages and its already making so many waves. Sign up for the pre-order now or you might have to wait even longer to get your hands on this thing.