Service Request

Service / Warranty Request

If you are having trouble with your Vaporizer, we can help! We offer both servicing and brand new vaporizer kits to all vaporizer customers. Please read below to see which option best suits your needs.

Upgrade / Renewal Program

For customers who prefer a brand new unit over servicing, please see the vaporizer Upgrade / Renewal Program. For $99.00, you will receive a full brand new vaporizer Dual V3 kit while your old unit is refurbished and donated to a U.S. Charities for Veteran’s or medical patients in need who may not be able to afford a vaporizer.

Warranty / Service

If you prefer servicing or think you may have a warranty claim, please complete the RMA form. Upon completion of the RMA form, you will receive an RMA number and shipping instructions.

For service or warranty we require all units to be shipped back to us for examination. Please note that there will be a $35.00 service charge for our technician’s time and reshipment cost of your product (this is a standard charge for every customer, regardless of the reason or the nature of the failure).

Once the unit is received, our technicians will inspect the unit and document it. If the issue is due to a material or manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your unit under our warranty coverage.

If the issue is due to usage/ handling/ lack of proper cleaning or type of material that was used inside the chambers, your warranty may be denied and you will be responsible for reshipment cost of the unit back to you.

If you are sending back a stealth black unit, please know that we are out of black. If a replacement is granted, we can replace it with gray (very close in color), green, blue or purple. Please specify which you would like in the comments if you have a black unit. Any other color will be replaced with the color you are returning.

Thank you for being a vaporizer customer!