RYOT - Verb 510 Oil Vape





-          Three Temperature Settings

-          Universal Magnetic Adapter

-          Pre-Heat Function

-          Available in Several Colors

-          Discreet, Portable Design

-          Compatible with 510 Threaded Cartridges (Not Included)

-          Limited One Year Guarantee by the Manufacturer

-          Resistance: Above 0.8 Ohms

-          For Use with: Liquids and Oils

The RYOT - Verb 510 Oil Vaporizer is one of the best liquids and oils vaporizers in the market. It offers medium, high and low modes as well as pre-heat functions. This enables different users to suit their specific unique vaping style. The device is user friendly since it comes with a 5-clicks on and off future. This feature also makes it very safe, especially when not in use.

The Verb 510 Oil Vaporizer works with all 510 threaded cartridges as long as the cartridges are less than 11 mm. It is important to keep in mind that longer cartridges may be harder to flip the top closed.

Buying the Verb 510 Oil Vaporizer

The Verb 510 Oil Vaporizer is one of the perfect portable vaporizers for taking your liquids and oils. It comes with variable voltages of 3.0V, 3.4 V and 3.8 V power modes. This makes it very favorable for anyone looking to vape using the device. Purchase yours today and heighten your vaping experience.


-          1 Ryot Verb 510 Vaporizer

-          19/16” (14.5 MM) Medium Magnetic Adapter ( for .5 ml cartridges)

-          I x Micro USB Charging Cable

-          13/16” (4.6 mm) Short Magnetic Adapter (for 1 ml Cartridges)