Roil GEN3 Vaporizer

Roil GEN3 Vaporizer
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-          Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

-          Rapid Heating

-          USB Charging

-          Pocket – Friendly

-          Visual Reaction Chamber

-          Variable Voltage

-          New Discreet VaporBlast Mouthpiece

-          Remember the Last Temperature

-          New Silicone Storage Station

The Roil R Series is one of the latest devices from #ThisThingsRips. #ThisThingRips is a company that is not very popular among most vapers compared to its competition. However, there are quickly making a name for themselves. The first vaping devices released by this company were good but still left a lot to be desired. However, they listened to their customers and collected feedback on what they should improve to come up with a great device. The company improved all the positive feedback and as a result, came up with the Roil GEN3 Vaporizer. This device is the third in the Roil R Series and easily one of the best vaporizers from the company.

Some of the new additions on this device make it one of the most portable vaporizer in the market. It features an all-ceramic atomizer that delivers tasty vapors both at home and on the go. The device features a more discreet VaporBlast mouthpiece and a smart battery that remembers your last temperature. It also has a powerful 650 mAh battery that provides rapid heating, variable voltage and 12 hours of battery life.

Build Quality

The Roil GEN3 Vaporizer is pretty standard. Nothing is outstanding about its build quality, but it still manages to look aesthetically pleasing. All the accessories from this product fit well indicating the company used high-quality, precision engineering during manufacturing. This unit feels solid in hand, and it feels like it can survive a fair share of drops.

Ceramic Coilless Atomizers

The Roil GEN3 Vaporizer delivers intensely flavored clouds by heating the concentrates slowly at some low temperatures. The high-grade ceramic featured in this device produces smoother and cooler hits. It is also convenient compared to coiled atomizers. With this device, you don’t have to worry about losing your concentrates beneath the coils.

The coilless ceramic atomizers will heat your concentrates in an even way, in that nothing will go into waste. While the newly forged mouthpiece delivers the rips discreetly, the visual reaction chamber allows you to take a stunning look at the clouds inside the chamber before you can take a hit.

Set it & Forget Battery

The Roil GEN3 Vaporizer features the ‘set it & forget it’ battery. All you need to do is click on the power button thrice to toggle the voltage. Once you have chosen your preferred temperature settings, the battery will remember it during your next vaping session. This helps you to save time since you don’t have to keep setting your temperature every time you need to vape.

Vapor Quality

The Roil GEN3 Vaporizer bears a close resemblance to the R2 Series Gen 3 when it comes to vapor quality. It uses the same mouthpieces as well as the same battery. The only difference that exists between the two devices is the concentrate chamber. The R2 uses rods that have been wrapped in Titanium while the Roil R uses a ceramic chamber heated from the outside with a titanium heating element.

Your vaping material will only come into contact with the ceramic material. This results in extremely flavourful clouds. Compared to the R2 Series Gen 3, the Roil GEN3 Vaporizer produces extremely quality vapor.

Buying the Roil GEN3 Vaporizer

The Roil GEN3 Vaporizer is an incredible little vaporizer. The flavor produced by the ceramic concentrate chamber on this device is unbeatable. Overall, this device is great for any vape aficionados looking for an affordable vaping device that offers great flavor. It is well worth the price.


-          2 x Coil-Less Ceramic Floating Atomizers

-          1 x Stainless Steel Tool

-          1 x USB Hyper charging Cable

-          1 x Classic Chamber/ Mouthpiece

-          1 x Pre- Charged Set It & Forget Smart Battery

-          1 x New Base station Silicone Storage Tray

-          1 x Printed Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications

-          Vaporizer Compatibility: Concentrates

-          Voltage:                              110v

-          Color:                                 Blue

-          Warranty:                         90 Day

-          Weight:                             0.70 lbs.

-          Thread Size:                       510

-          Dimension:                       2 x 3.25 x 6.25 in.