Volcano Classic & Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review

Storz and Bickel is one of the most highly acclaimed and recognized manufacturer's of both desktop and portable vaporizers. This company has consistently astounded consumers with premium quality units that offer top notch functionality and both gorgeous and unique designs. The majority of their products have been available in the market for many years but they've still have managed to retain their popularity due to this brand's trusted reputation. An interesting tidbit about Storz and Bickel is that the majority of their profits are actually derived from the sale of their desktop devices. While the Mighty and the Crafty are considered to be some of the best portable vapes ever created, there is a lot of competition at similar prices for the portable vaporizer niche. On the other hand, high quality desktop vaporizers are not too easy to come by. That's why the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digital are universally adored and acknowledged as the top sellers for this brand. The following review will delve into the pertinent details of these magnificent desktop devices and provide you with further clarity on the in's and out's of what exactly makes these units so special.


Vapor Quality

The Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic vaporizers produce the smoothest, most potent and flavorful clouds possible with both dry herb material and concentrates alike. The trick to achieving this perfect vapor quality is in its use of heat resistant and food grade materials, pure convection heating, and increased surface area for an enhanced heat distribution and vapor path. If you check any popular page such as the VapeCritic, or VapingDaily.com, you'll find that the Volcano is considered the “gold standard” of desktop vaporizers in regards to cloud quality. Whether users prefer light, low-density sessions, or blazing rips, the Volcano always provides due to it's use of a balloon assembly. It's important for users to note that they will have full control of how much they intake with this type of setup.

Portability / Build

The Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic are built almost identically. Both are shaped like a volcano and feature a stunning, stain-less steel base with heat, and air switches (Classic) or buttons (Digital) at the bottom. The top of the unit allows for the attachment of an easy valve or solid valve (depending on which you prefer) and the balloon. The digital and classic version also both utilize medical grade materials and steel clad ceramic heating element on the interior.

As far as differences go, the Classic has an analog dial in system (number 1 to 9) at the center which will be used for temperature control. This gives the unit a more old-school feel and may appeal to users that enjoy a traditional approach. The Volcano Digital, on the other hand, features an LED digital display screen with a plus and minus button on the sides for users to adjust temperature. Users have slightly more control with this version since they know the precise temperature and when exactly their desire setting has been reached.


The Volcano Classic and the Volcano Desktop are traditional desktop devices and are not operated with batteries. Users should be mindful that they will require a wall outlet. The units do not need to be unplugged when not in use. The Volcano Digital slightly differs from the Classic as it boasts an “auto-shut off” feature for our more forgetful consumers. Users with the Classic will need to be sure they turn the unit off after finishing a session.

Temperature Control

Precision temperature control is offered with both the Classic and Digital version of the Volcano. The temperature range extends up to 466 degrees for both devices but the process of selecting your temperature will vary depending on which version you're using. The Volcano Classic utilizes an analog dial system with a numbering system from one to nine. Users will choose their setting by referring to the chart included in the kit and selecting a number. While the temperature control is relatively accurate with the Classic, pickier users may need to consider the Digital as an alternative.

The Volcano Digital allows users to directly input their settings via the digital LED display screen and it's recognized to be the more precise of the two devices. Additionally, it has a slightly more flexible range at lower temperatures (it goes down to 106 degrees Fahrenheit) for users that may be enjoying the aromatherapy of specific herbs such as Chamomile or Lavender.


Heat Up Time

The Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic take between three to four minutes to heat up prior to use, depending upon what temperature you have selected. Obviously, this is not the fastest heat up time, but all good things in life are worth waiting for, so you'll have to sacrifice a couple minutes in exchange for perfect vapor. Users will want to allow thirty seconds for the balloon to fully fill in order to optimize their sessions.


All products by Storz and Bickel are pretty expensive, and the Volcano vaporizers are no exception to this rule. The Volcano Classic is the cheaper option but it still carries a rather hefty price tag of $479. For users that wish to purchase the Volcano Digital, they will be looking at spending around $130 more, as the Digital currently retails at $599. Both versions of the Volcano Vaporizer are considered high-end units and they both perform equally as well. The Digital Version is mostly for users that don't like the analog dial in temperatures that are used with the Classic.

Ease of Use

The Volcano Vaporizer (Classic and Digital) is really simple to use. To begin set up, find a flat place close to an outlet to place your device. Once your unit is plugged in, turn the heat on by pressing the red heat button or switch. Next, prior to the first usage, you'll need to perform a quick burn off cycle to get rid of any residue from being shipped by setting the temperature at the max (446 degrees Fahrenheit) and letting it heat for ten minutes. After that, attach your filling chamber and turn the fan on to successful remove residue. Turn your device off and wait about ten minutes.

Now you're ready to vape your actual herb material. First, turn your device back on and select your temperature using the dial up (classic) or program it (digital). It will take at least three minutes to heat, so you can ready your material during this time. Go ahead and get started immediately by grinding your material and spreading it fully and evenly throughout the heating chamber. Make sure you completely load it, as the Volcano performs better with a full oven. You'll notice the yellow light will switch off when the desired temperature has been achieved. Now place your chamber on top of the volcano and attach the filling chamber and press fan. Remove your balloon after about thirty seconds. You are now ready to inhale and enjoy your aromatherapy session.

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Cleaning / Maintenance

Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer requires just a few supplies and less than an hour of your time. First, you will need to obtain isopropyl alcohol (preferably a 91% solution), some cotton tips, two jars, and a flat-head screwdriver. You'll also need to have soap and some warm water available for washing. The base of the device can be “dry” wiped with a clean cloth since it's not advisable to use detergents or harsh cleaners on stainless steel. The bulk of the work involves using the screwdriver to take apart the filling chamber in order to access certain pieces. Once disassembled, the small plastic pieces and silicone rings can then be washed with soap and water, and then left to soak in the alcohol solution for up to 30 minutes. Be sure to rinse these pieces with water to remove any alcohol and thoroughly air dry prior to reassembly.

Who’s it best for?

The Volcano Vaporizer (Classic and Digital alike) is the perfect choice for users that want a brand-name device that has withstood the test of time, and that is truly the best of the best. This desktop unit is one of a kind and is so reputable that it was authorized as a medical-grade device in Canada and Israel. If you're looking for a product with the ultimate vapor quality, the Volcano Vaporizer fits the bill. Users that want a traditional feel can opt for the Classic version with its dial in analog style, and users that want the extra tech have their match with the Digital. Either version is bound to blow you away.