R2 Rig Review

Recently released from This Thing Rips, the R2 Rig vaporizer features a bigger battery with a large silicone tray storage container built into the bottom. Possibly the biggest vape on the market, the R2 is about 6 inches tall and about 22mm in diameter. Sitting atop the big 1100 mah battery, the R2 has a green frosted glass that houses the device’s heating coils. The unit's plastic mouthpiece comes with a built-in filter designed to block splash back from your concentrate. With 3 temperature settings, the device also features variable airflow with 4 vents placed under the coils that can be opened or closed based on your preference.

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What’s in the Box

- R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer

- A Silicone Ring

- A Mouthpiece

- Adjustable Air Flow Ring

- Steel Dab Tool

- 2 Alcohol Wipes

- 2 Dual Ceramic Titanium Coil Atomizer

- 1100 mah Battery

- Silicone Tray with Stash Compartment

- Charging Cable

- User Manual


Although the R2 Rig Edition is big, it's still highly portable with a built-in concentrate container. The device can be carried anywhere in a backpack, purse, etc. The big, black 1100 mah Battery features a # button on the face and an almost translucent inscription 'This Thing Rips' underneath. There is a unscrew-able storage for your concentrate at the bottom of the battery. The Dual Ceramic Titanium Coil Atomizer sits atop the battery and is housed by a green glass cylinder with a plastic mouthpiece that attaches to the top of the atomizer. As for portability, the only thing that doesn’t make this device durable is the glass housing for the atomizer, which is fragile and must be handled with care. Built into the mouthpiece is a filter to help prevent splash back from your concentrates while in use.

Ease Of Use

This device is very easy to use and functions similarly to most concentrate vaporizers. To power on and off the device, you simply press the # button located on the face of the battery 5 times in a row. The R2 Rig Edition has 3 temperature settings (Blue = Low, Green = Medium, Red = High); to cycle between temperature settings simply press the # button 3 times while the device is on. To load product in the R2, carefully remove the green glass enclosure that sits around the atomizer. Next, load your concentrate, put the green glass back on the atomizer, and enjoy your concentrate as you hold the # button and draw from the device. The atomizer unscrews and it can be replaced really easily if need be. Additionally, the silicone concentrate container at the bottom of the battery is a big convenience to have when using the device on the go.

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Vapor Quality

As do most of their products, the R2 lives up to the company standard when we say THIS THING RIPS. The Dual Ceramic Titanium Coil Atomizer heats up incredibly fast and delivers thick dense clouds of vapor in seconds. This device rips hard and when they stated that it hits like a Dab Rig in the palm of your hands, we would have to say it's truly a close comparison.


Larger than most, the R2’s 1100mah battery is 22mm in Diameter. The battery is also classified as an intelligent battery in which the device remembers the last temperature setting that was used. It takes about 90 mins to charge the device and depending on temperature setting, it can last around 25 to 35 hits.


This Thing Rips offers a 90-Day Product Warranty that replaces all defective devices and parts you may encounter with the R2 or any of their other units. Be sure to thoroughly test your unit out!

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Final Thoughts

This Thing Rips, the R2 is a semi-expensive vaporizer pen priced at $130. In terms of value, we have to confess- this unit is cheaply made with Titanium Coils instead of a ceramic heating plate and the glass housing of the atomizer is capable of breaking very easily. Also, the product only offers a 90-day warranty, where as there are competing products that cost less than the R2 that are more efficient  and which would offer a year warranty, such as the Puffco plus, which is priced at $90 and is a more popular product. All in all, The R2 is a decent unit with a strong battery and it has nice features such as the silicone concentrate storage container and the adjustable airflow ring. However, we highly suggest you explore other concentrate units, as the R2 is priced on the high side at $130.