Pulsar Sirius Plus Vaporizer




The Pulsar Sirius vaporizer is a new unit, perfect for dabbing your waxes using a high quality vaping system. The sirius is a low-cost portable vape pen made by pulsar vaporizers as this is the perfect unit for you, very small, will fit right inside your pocket without any type of hassle. It uses a powerful 1500mAH battery with a glass dome mouthpiece and a ceramic plated atomizer making this a powerful vaporizer. The Sirius is made with 510 threading, you can use the vaporizer with any type of battery that connects with 510 threaded batteries which is most of the vaporizers in today's technology. This Is the ultimate wax pen vaporizer as it will function perfectly and flawlessly as there's a spill-free splatter guard. There's no coils or wicks and the 510 threading is a universal connection as this is today's perfect wax dabbing vaporizer that is small, handheld and perfect for using it on the go since it uses a strong 1500mAH lithium ion battery which will last all day.

Pulsar Sirius Features
Since this is not a coil-based vaporizer, it is a perfect unit and very easy to clean since it uses a ceramic plated atomizer. The Sirius has a deep-dish flat glass atomizer with no exposed wicks, wires, coils and won't ever interfere with anything you're trying to do. Since it has 510 threading, you can use the Sirius with any type of battery, it doesn't have to be the original Pulsar Sirius battery so you can use a powerful box mod with the high-quality ceramic atomizer that the Pulsar Sirius uses. It uses a powerful battery as it is capable of outputting over 842 degrees Fahrenheit of pure heating power. This small vape pen will be powerful enough to satisfy your vaping needs.

Sirius Quality Atomizer
The Pulsar Sirius uses a high quality deep-dish ceramic platted atomizer. If you have a large load of waxes, you can put it inside the deep-dish ceramic atomizer to be able to vape with powerful temperatures up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. When you want a high quality, high-performance vaporizer, there's nothing more powerful and easy to use than the Pulsar Sirius vaporizer since It is a low-cost vaporizer, there's really no risk of thinking it might not work. When you break it down on what it could do, this is the ultimate vaporizer which will satisfy your every need. The Pulsar Sirius never has any exposed wicks or wire, it simply uses a deep-dish ceramic glass atomizer that you load. Having a ceramic atomizer makes cleaning the easiest part as the atomizer won't ever have wax stick to it so when you want to clean, just wipe it off, you won't really need any alcohol or water to do this.

Pulsar Sirius Battery
Most vape pens that you intend to dab your concentrates with come with a low-quality battery. Typically a 900mAH battery is what the standard vape pen kit will come with but when you buy the Pulsar Sirius, It comes with a very powerful 1500mAH lithium ion battery, capable of producing powerful temperatures of over 842 degrees Fahrenheit giving you an edge when you vaporize. With the Pulsar Sirius, you're in complete control, the battery uses 510 threading making it a universal battery to use other atomizers. Since the Sirius comes with the ceramic platted atomizer, there would never be a need for you to use the battery with other atomizers as this is the best it can get. What's the most important thing is the entire unit with the battery is very small with the dimensions of

1 x 1 x 1 in. This is a very small unit, you can fit It practically anywhere as this is one of the smallest and most powerful wax dabbing vaporizer kits in the world.

Using the Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer
This is a very easy to use vape pen kit. You can load any type of wax, concentrate or oils on the ceramic plate with it being a deep dish one, you will be able to vaporize with high levels of concentration as you can add vast amounts of waxes inside the atomizer. The Sirus can simply perform with multiple dabbing sessions with just loading the deep dish ceramic atomizer all the way. Simply load your waxes on top of the ceramic deep dish atomizer, click the power button 5 times on the battery to unlock and turn on the battery and within seconds, you're drawing up strong vaping density when you load the concentrates on the ceramic bowl atomizer, it will get hot enough at over 842 degrees Fahrenheit making it the perfect vaporizer for you to own and use.

When it comes down to owning the perfect wax dabbing vaporizer, there's nothing better for the price for buying the Pulsar Sirius. The Sirius is the perfect wax dabbing machine, powerful enough to sustain high-performance heating of over 842 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pulsar Sirius uses a 510 threaded lithium ion battery with over 1500mAH of power, the Sirius can get hot enough to vaporize and viscosity oils, waxes or concentrates. All you have to do is load your waxes in the deep-dish ceramic glass atomizer and turn the battery on. When you're using the Sirius, you will be extending your vape sessions since you can fully load the ceramic bowl and use multiple vaping sessions. It is easy to charge with a micro-usb connection, the vaporizer also uses a glass dome which will prevent any type of accidental spillage since it uses a splatter guard. The Pulsar Sirius is the best wax dabbing vaporizer by far, especially for the price it is one of the vaporizers you will use all the time.

Splatter Guard Protection
1500mAh Powerful Lithium Ion Battery
Dome MouthPiece Made Of Ceramic Glass
Atomizer Is Made Of Ceramic Glass Platting
510 Threading Making It Unversal
Wicks & Coils Don't Exist

Accessories (Included):
1 x 1500mAh Battery
1 x Glass Dome
1 x Ceramic Plated Atomizer
1 x Atomizer Base
4 x Replacement O-Rings
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Dab Tool
1 x User Manual