Pulsar RoK Electric Rig


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-          All Metal Body

-          3 Voltage Settings

-          Isolated Airpath

-          Disc Percolator

-          Boro Glass Filtration Base

-          6.75” Tall

-          Coil-less Quartz & Ceramic Cups

-          30 Second RöK Mode

-          Carb Cap Included

-          One Year Warranty

The RöK vaporizer is the latest release from the company, Pulsar. It is an all in one electronic dab rig that comes with several amazing features which are sure to impress concentrate enthusiasts. The Pulsar RöK features a bubbler mouthpiece positioned slightly over the top of the body base unit. This vaporizer also boasts a controller top with a bubbler base and a curvy metallic body that makes it different from other vaporizers.

Additionally, the Pulsar RöK is user-friendly, and even a newbie will be able to operate it without trouble. With three different voltage settings, you will be able to customize your vaping experience and ensure an optimal session.

If you are looking for a premium experience with a vaporizer that offers the full flavor of your dabbing material, then the Pulsar RöK is for you! This unit is affordable and completely worth every penny spent.


-          1 x Dabber Tool

-          1 x Coilless Quartz Cup

-          2 x Wire Brushes

-          1 x USB Charging Cable & Brick

-          1 x Coilless Ceramic Cup

-          4 x Crud Bud Alcohol filled Cotton Buds

-          2 x Silicone Collars

-          1 x Wax Carb Cap