Pulsar Flow Vaporizer


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-          5” dry herb vaporizer

-          Quartz lined chamber- helps with flavor preservation

-          Magnetic lid- easy access to dry herb

-          Good temperature range 356°F - 428°F

-          40 second heat time

-          Extra silicone mouthpiece insert

-          Teardrop design that feels great in the hand

-          Limited one year warranty

Though Pulsar is well known for its incredible APX Vaporizers, the company has recently released a new dry herb vaporizer known as the Pulsar Flow. The Pulsar Flow vaporizer is a pretty impressive unit that comes at a low price. It was named as one of the best vaporizers under $100. You will enjoy some premium features with this device such as lengthy air path for cooler vapor and quartz lined herb chamber for maximum preservation of flavor.

Manufacturing Quality

The Pulsar Flow vaporizer has been ergonomically designed, with modern elegance in both its interior and exterior. It comes in a number of colors including textured carbon fiber, solid black, and wood grain. This unit is five inches tall making it a perfect fit for your pocket. As much as it has a small size, its interior is built with metal thus giving it a sturdy weight.

Vapor Quality

The Pulsar vaporizer produces tasty vapor with nice sized clouds. The convection heating system, quartz lined chamber and the air path are all responsible for that.

Buying the Pulsar Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Pulsar Flow vaporizer is a terrific vaporizer that has some of the features you would expect in bigger and costly vaping units. The high quality and low price offered by this unit make it a great purchase, especially for a beginner.


1 x Pulsar Flow Vaporizer

1 x USB Charge Cable

1 x Magnetic Face Plate Lid

2 x Alcohol-Free Cleaning Wipes

2 x Mouthpiece Inserts

1 x Loading Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:     2 x 6 x 5.75 in.

Voltage:           110v

Weight:            0.94 lbs.

Heat Source:   Battery