Pulsar APX V2 Review

The Pulsar APX V2 dry herb vape is the progressive, upgraded version that fans of the original device have been waiting for. The updates to this device are significant and truly correct the flaws seen with the original. A few of the changes include better portability and discreetness due to size, an improved silicone vapor pathway for enhanced cloud quality, and a large range of preset temperatures to select from.

Price & Guarantee

The Pulsar APX V2 is currently listed for sale at $69.99 and it is categorized as an affordable vaporizer that still produces good quality cloud. For a lower-cost unit, it still does the job quite nicely and its’ popularity continues to grow every day. The unit comes with a one year warranty for the actual vaporizer, charger, and batteries to put consumers’ minds at ease. The guarantee, however, does not include mouthpiece, atomizer, and any wear and tear from misuse.


The Pulsar APX company is both a well-recognized, and trusted brand. Their business states their mission was to create a line of products that were individualized and unique enough to appeal to every type of person. They currently carry a large variety of products including smokers, wax vapes, and dry herb vaporizers. They do a good job upgrading on their older devices and addressing user concerns.


Prep Time

The prep time for the Pulsar APX V2 is virtually nothing. All that needs to be done is charge the unit, pop the mouthpiece off, load the heating chamber, and turn the device on with 5 clicks and let it heat to the desired temperature over the course of twenty to twenty five seconds. The unit has one of the fastest heating times compared to competitor products.

Vapor Quality

The major upgrade of the version 2 is the dismissal of stainless steel use, and the introduction of the silicone cooling system (via the vaporpath). A lot of users expressed dissatisfaction with the overly hot vapor from the original product. This new improved designed allowed for a smoother, cool and crisp vapor that still retains quite a bit of the herb flavor.


Portability, Size

The Pulsar APX V2 is more diminutive in stature than its’ predecessor and it’s dimensions are 1.25 x 3.75 x 5.25 in; this means it sits right below four inches, and is ultra-discreet. The outside design and colors offered are similar to the original version, but the users will enjoy the added benefit of the increased portability and ability to conceal the device.


Ease of Use

The operation of the Pulsar APX V2 is extremely simple and requires no effort. The unit features only one button which serves to power on the device and to choose a pre-set temperature. It turns on and off with five clicks, and selecting a temperature involves holding down button until LED display screen displays the temperature of choice. The device vibrates in the hand to let users know when temperature is reached and the vapor is ready to be inhaled at any point from there.

Heating and Temperature Regulators

The Pulsar APX V2 comes with five pre-set temperatures: 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F. Considering this is a low cost unit, the wide range of temperatures is decent. Consumers that are looking for precise temperature regulation in one degree increments should consider paying more and buying a mid to high-range product such as the Boundless CFX vaporizer.

Power Supply

The Pulsar APX V2 comes with the standard USB charging cable and 1600mAh lithium battery. It usually takes around a full ninety minutes to get a complete charge, and the LED display system will always alert the user about impending loss of battery life via a light system. When the LED light is green that signifies at least four sessions are available, a yellow LED light is when you have three cycles left, and a red LED light means limited life and it’s time to power up.


  • The unit’s retail price is extremely reasonable, and the majority of users will be satisfied with the cost to benefit comparison.
  • Version 2 brought necessary upgrades like the decreased size, and silicone vapor path which added to the portability factor and improved the vapor quality substantially.
  • The preset temperatures offer a wide range from 356 degrees to 428 degrees so users can consume herb at their own rate and have a varying intensity of hits.
  • Mouthpiece doesn’t get clogged like the original since Pulsar eliminated the screen.


  • The oven size has not been changed from the original and is 0.35 grams which is still good enough for solo users.


The Pulsar APX V2 has enough improvements from the original, and cheap enough price point that is definitely worth purchasing.