Pulsar APX Oil Vaporizer






-          Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece

-          Durable Epoxy Casing

-          70hm Resistance

-          5 Temperature Setting

-          1100 mAh Battery

-          Triple Quartz Atomizer with Quartz Heating Chamber

-          5- Second Warm Up Time

-          Ultra-portable

The Pulsar APX is a powerful and stealthy concentrate vaporizer that heats up the temperature at an impressive rate. The device is discreet enough to be comfortably held in the palm of your hand. You can be able to charge it using a universal micro-USB cable in only one and a half hours. This makes it an efficient and incredible vaporizer to be used on the go.

The Pulsar APX oil vaporizer is a cousin of the popular Pulsar APX dry herb vaporizer. This unit is user-friendly and has a long battery life. It is always ready for dabbing after only 5- seconds. These are perfect features for users who like dabbing on the go.


Although this unit is just 3.5 inches in length and one of the most compact vaporizers, it is big in performance. Due to its compact design, it can comfortably fit on your pocket, and no one will know that you are carrying it around. The Pulsar APX is an ultimate oil vaporizer with four colors you can choose from. These colors are Grey, Black, Blue, and THC Element. The unit has an aluminum exterior which has a nice touch and makes the device durable.

The Pulsar APX Oil Battery

The Pulsar APX oil vaporizer has a powerful 1100 mAh battery that can be charged in less than 1.5 hours using a micro USB. Once the device is fully charged, it can sustain a vaping session that goes up to 1.5 hours. Taking into consideration the size of this vaporizer, delivering such a performance is really commendable.

Vapor Quality

Despite the smaller size of the Pulsar APX oil vaporizer, it is able to deliver dense and flavorful vapor. This is due to the triple quartz coil featured in the device. Most concentrate devices such as the Kandy Pens Galaxy only have two rods in the atomizer. This means that the vapor produced by Pulsar APX oil vaporizer is stronger and denser compared to such units. The pure quartz heating chamber and triple quartz coil distribute heat evenly to produce quality vapor.

Ease of Use

Using this device is pretty straightforward especially if you have ever used any other concentrate vaporizer. Pulsar APX oil vaporizer has only one button which you need to click five times to turn it on. After turning on the device, you need to press and hold the button again until the red-lit logo turns from red to green. This will help engage the atomizer. After the red-lid has gone from red to green, the device will have heated fully, and you can start enjoying your draws.

Buying the Pulsar APX oil vaporizer

If you are a fun of the Pulsar APX Vaporizer’s but prefer using concentrates more than dry herb, then the Pulsar APX oil vaporizer is here for you. Also, this device is perfect for anyone who is looking out to start vaping concentrates. It is very easy to use and delivers quality vapor. Buy Pulsar APX oil vaporizer today and take your vaping experience to the next level.


-          1 x Pulsar APX Portable Vaporizer

-          1 x 1100 mAh Lithium-ion Battery

-          1 x Quartz Chamber

-          1 x USB Charger

-          1 x Dab Tool

-          1 x Quartz Rod Triple Coil Atomizer

-          1 x Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications

-          Warranty Information:       One Year

-          Dimensions:                         2 x 3 x 5.5 inches

-          Weight:                                 0.45 lbs.

-          Compatibility:                       Concentrates

-          Heat Source:                        Battery

-          Voltage:                                 110 v

-          Delivery Method:                 Direct Draw