Puffco Peak


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-          4 Heat Settings

-          Twenty Seconds Heat Up Time

-          LED Light Band

-          Sesh-Mode Functionality

-          2 Hour Charge Time

-          Intelligent Temperature Calibration

-          Haptic Feedback

Puffco has been known to release some top quality vaporizers such as the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2. It now has a new and interesting addition to the Puffco’s lineup known as the Puffco Peak. This is an e-rig that has a unique style and comes with some interesting features. This unit is a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape dubbed that has been labeled as the ‘bong of the future.’ The device has featured water filtration for it to work. Puffco Peak has embraced both technological upgrades of what is offered by the vapes while slightly copying the bong’s design.


This device assumes a pyramid shape. It does not have an intimidating look as the e-nail or a dab rig since it’s comprised of only two parts, the bubbler, and the base. Each of these two parts can be easily separated. The bowl is made of ceramic and can be easily removed for easy cleaning. The base is made of silicone, and it’s built in a way that it cannot easily slip even when it’s accidentally hit. Moreover, most of the device weight is concentrated at the bottom to reduce any accidents.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality that comes from this device is top-notch. The hits are huge, flavorful and strong. The water filtration does an awesome job when it comes to cooling down the vapor before reaching your lungs. It does this without tampering with the flavor at all. The Puffco is with no doubt one of the most luxurious e-rigs/e-nails available in the market.

Battery Life

The Puffco Peak battery life is reasonable. You can expect to have 15 to 20 strong hits before recharging. The device charges using a standard Micro-USB cable and it takes about 2 hours to charge up to peak.


As far as full sized rigs are concerned, the Puffco Peak is certainly portable. Of course, you cannot be able to fit it in your pocket, but you can comfortably carry it using a bag pack. It works well if you are trying to bring into another friend’s house.

Buying the Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is certainly one of the best e-rigs of its category available in the market. For the price, you will get a futuristic and very solid feeling e-rig. If you are looking for an e-rig that can take your vaping session to the next level, Puffco Peak is what you need.




-          1 x Puffco Peak Device

-          1 x Cleaning Swabs

-          1 x Extra Ceramic Bowl and Carb cap

-          1 x Loading Tool

-          1 x Carrying Case

-          1 x USB Cable and Supercharger

Technical Specifications

-          Brand:                Puffco

-          Compatibility:      Concentrates

-          Warranty:             1 Year

-          Delivery Method: Direct draw