Puffco Peak Vaporizer - Medusa Edition


Puffco Peak Vaporizer - Medusa Edition
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-          Intelligent Temperature Calibration

-          Rugged Silicone Base

-          Water Filtration

-          Sesh-Mode Functionality

-          30 Dab Average Battery Life

-          4 Unique User Heat Settings

-          Removable Ceramic Bowl

-          Haptic Feedback

-          2 Hour Fast Charge Time

-          LED Light Band

-          Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass

Enjoy the highest quality level of vaping waxes and concentrates with Puffco’s recent edition, Puffco Peak Medusa. This edition of the Peak is amazingly beautiful with a rose gold metal band, a filigrana twisted inner-cone and a white silicone base. With twenty seconds average heat up time, you get to enjoy your concentrates quickly and without hassle. Additionally, the Puffco Peak Medusa features intelligent temperature calibration, thereby eliminating the need for a torch. This unique heat control technology helps to adjust the heat times automatically, thus resulting in consistent hits even with numerous back to back uses. Boasting four unique user temperature settings, the Peak ensures that you'll find the best temperature for your material and the LED light band and vibration serve to let you know when the device is ready for use. Also of note, this device has a 2 hour fast charge time with an included supercharger that lasts for about 30 dabs.

20 Second Average Heat-up Time

The Medusa takes 20 seconds on average to heat up. This is important because other vaporizers are much slower and take up to 3 minutes to heat their materials and cool down. Therefore, this signifies that with the Puffco Peak Medusa Edition, you will consume more of your favorite concentrates without delay.

2 Hour Fast Charge Time

The battery takes about 2 hours to get fully charged when utilizing the supercharger.

Four Unique User Heat Settings

Expert or novice, big or small loads, fast rips or light flavorful sips, with the Peak Medusa Edition, it does not matter how you like to consume your favorite material; there is always a perfect heat setting for you! Additionally, the device features a sesh-mode which lets the user prolong their session, thereby creating the first social dab experience.

Haptic Feedback/ LED Light Band

The haptic feedback ensures that your timing is spot on so that you get the most perfect hit possible. The LED light band shows the heat cycle and battery indicators when necessary and it can be concealed when not needed.

Buying the Puffco Peak Vaporizer-Medusa Edition

The Puffco Peak Medusa represents the obsessive quest of perfection by providing the top level of user experience. These special edition units feature a rugged white silicone base, filigrana twisted pinned-cone and rose gold metal. The Puffco Peak reveals the real power of concentrates by allowing for the richest expression of flavor, effects, and potency. The consumer gets to enjoy a faster, easier, and efficient vaping experience than ever before without a learning curve. Not only is the Peak designed for special occasions but it’s also perfect for day to day use.


-          1 x Puffco Peak Vaporizer- Medusa Edition

-          1 x Micro USB Cable and Supercharger

-          1 x Loading Tool

-          1 x Carrying Case

-          1 x Carb Cab

Technical Specifications

-          Height: 7 Inches

-          Base Diameter: 2.75 Inches