Puffco Peak Sunset


Puffco Peak Sunset Vaporizer E-rig
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-          Hand-blown borosilicate glass

-          20-seconds Average Heating

-          4 Unique User Heat Settings

-          Intelligent Temperature Calibration

-          LED Light Band

-          Quick Charge Time

-          25 to 30 Dabs Per Full Charge

-          Water Filtration

The Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer is a breakthrough vaping device that has unleashed the real potency of wax concentrates. It has revolutionized the vaping game with simple to use operation and incredible e-nail capabilities. This device is efficient, potent and flavorful with four unique heat settings. It also features an intelligent temperature calibration and a 20-second heat up time. The awesome technology behind this device is what makes it incomparable to other portable devices for concentrates.


It is undeniable that Puffco Peak always designs an interesting and smart design. The Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer assumes a cone shape design with a water pipe embedded, a vertical mountain with an astoundingly high peak. The device looks and feels sturdy and solid. Its silicone base is also strong and cannot easily slip. Most of the device weight is concentrated at the bottom thus preventing incidents of accidents from occurring.

Temperature Flexibility

The Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer has four different unique settings, which includes the sesh-mode. Sesh-mode allows you to extend your sessions with 15 more seconds. To initiate the sesh-mode, double click the unit after it is powered. The four different settings include 450 F for vapers with smaller loads. 500 F for vapers with medium loads, 550 F for vapers vaping large loads and 600 F for XL loads.

Intelligent Temperature Calibration

The Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer has a unique feature known as intelligent temperature calibration. This feature allows the device to adjust the heat time automatically if the bowl is still hot. This gives the user a more enjoyable vaping experience and will adjust over time, depending on how you are using the device. Heat may vary over time, but you will be sure to get a more consistent and reliable experience.

Ease of Use

Puffco decided to add some more cool features to this device, including hepatic feedback. This feature is designed to tell if it is time to vape through a subtle vibration. It also has an LED light that indicated temperature level and heating time. The device is simple to use with easy and simple loading. It only has one button to set the temperature settings.

Vapor Quality

With this device, you can expect nothing less but pure and clean vapor. It also has massive and filtered hits that will be sure to take your vaping experience to another level. It features ceramic cups that make sure you concentrates are evenly heated without any risk of combustion.

Buying the Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer

The Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer is with no doubt one of the best vaporizers in the market. If you’re a big fan of concentrates, Puffco Peak Sunset vaporizer may be on your radar. Its amazing features and performance make it worth a purchase.


1 x Puffco Peak Lucid Lighting

1 x Tether

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Loading Tool

1 x Ceramic Bowl

1 x Carb Cap

1 x Carrying Case