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- Portable and Discreet Design

- Adjustable Oven

- Pack and Empty quickly while on the go

- Four Experience Modes: Efficiency, Stealth, Flavor, and Boost

- Magnetic Oven Lid

- Dual use for dry herbs and concentrates

- 10-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

The Pax Plus is the latest release of the series of devices from Pax. The Pax Plus has a number of amazing features it has upgraded from its predecessor Pax 3. The device is capable of vaping both dry herbs and concentrate without giving any harsh smoke. It allows you to enjoy your favorite material with different oven lids that will help you to adjust the size of your bowl depending on your vaping needs.


The Pax Plus keeps the same minimalistic and iconic design the company is known for. It is four inches tall and assumes a rounded rectangular shape. Its small and compact design makes it appropriate for users since it fits easily on hand and is very pocket-friendly. The outer design is made of brushed matte. This gives it a sleek and elegant look. The Pux Plus has no physical buttons. It only has four LEDs and a magnetic power connection positioned at the back.


The oven is positioned at the bottom of the vape and is covered with a magnetic lid. The oven is made of stainless steel and can load material of up to half a gram. This is enough capacity to take you through a full vaping session.

Mouthpiece Options

The mouthpiece comes in a very familiar design of raised and flat options. When it comes to comfortability, the raised design is a bit more comfortable, but this is at the expense of reduced vapor production. In a flat mouthpiece, the draw is somehow restricted. This reduces airflow, and when air moves slower, heat builds up more, creating a potent vapor. Therefore, you have an option of choosing between the raised one, which is more comfortable to use, and the flat one, which offers better vapor quality.

Smart Feature

The vaporizer comes with a number of smart features. It has some sensors that will detect when you are using the device or not and will trigger a standby mode. So, it will adapt your vaping style and keep the heating active. If you take your time to make your next draw, it will notice and go into standby mode to preserve the battery and optimize the temperature.

Buying Pax Plus

This is a new device that features a number of great specifications. It is good for both a beginner and a veteran. Purchase your unit today!


- 1 x Pax Plus

- 1 x Half-Pack oven lid

- 1 x Flat Mouthpiece

- 1 x Raised Mouthpiece

- 3 x 2D Oven Screens

- 1 x Wire Brush

- 1 x USB Charger

- 1 x Multi-Tool

- 1 x Concentrate Insert