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Pax is slowly becoming an unstoppable force in the vaporizing market. The original Pax which arrived in the market some few years ago convinced users that making the herbal vaping experience more compact did not have to mean compromising on production and flavor. Better still, the device was discrete and tiny, with a set of amazing features. But that never stopped Pax from innovating even more, and out of that desire for improvement, a new and updated version known as Pax 2 was born.

The Pax 2 vaporizer is lighter, smaller, and durable and also one of the most reliable vaporizers you can currently purchase. It comes with a deeper oven for more heating, better battery life, and four different heating settings unlike three that were in its original. The new temperature range is also wider. Ten degrees higher and ten degrees lower for a bit more control during your sessions. Here are some of its incredible features

Refined Design

Pax 2 comes with a very good looking and convenient design. The smooth, rounded column is dressed in a myriad of brushed aluminum colors, with a flat black caps on either end. The result of this is a device that feels good just as it looks- refined, elegant and sturdy. It helps that it is nondescript, with a smooth cylindrical shape and two flat, black end caps. Even when looked at directly, it’s not immediately noticeable to be Pax 2, which in a way helps to keep a low profile when necessary.


It comes with two new mouthpieces. One raised and one flat. These mouthpieces are made of silicone and need no maintenance. For those who might not be familiar, the original Pax mouthpiece connection required the user to maintain it continuously, or it could stick in the off position. The raised mouthpiece does not cool the vapor as well as the flat one. Between the two holes, only one is connected to the vapor path. That side of the mouthpiece gets warm, then hot during extended draws. 

The flat mouthpiece cools down the vapor and provides just the right amount of draw resistance so as to get a good hit. 


The Pax 2 has incorporated a new deeper oven. The heat is more even through the herb chamber and the oven. The oven lid is magnetically attached just like the original Pax. However, the lid has been improved, the grooves around the oven lid are replaced with a flat, partially sloped surface. Its design has been updated featuring some deeper ridges around the outside

Performance and Vapor Quality

When the vape is fresh and clean taking draws is enjoyable and easy. The Pax 2 vaporizer gets a good grade when it comes to conduction vapor quality. With most conduction vaporizers, the heat does take a little bit of time to build up so as to get good heats properly. The Pax 2 vaporizer has addressed this problem by applying a technology known as “lip sensing technology.” This technology runs the heater at full tilt when the user is taking a draw. It produces a smooth and comfortable vapor which is obviously better than it’s original.


Pax 2 has a very satisfyingly good battery life. It provides a 30 percent more usage than the previous model. When it is fully charged, it goes up to about an hour and a half of solid run time. Not only does the Pax 2 portable vaporizer offer you above average battery life but it also charges relatively fast compared to most of other units. 

Buying Pax 2 Vaporizer

If you are out in the market looking for a portable vape, Pax 2 should be your top priority. Is it worth the price? Being reduced to under $200 now, it certainly is taking into consideration what it offers regarding its features, Pax 2 is definitely worth the price. It’s rated to be among the most portable vaporizers and can be concealed very well.