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Ooze Drought Vaporizer Kit & Accessories
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  • Anodized Chamber
  • Compact
  • Digital Screen
  • Quick Heat Time

The Drought by Ooze is a compact mini dry vaporizer that’s easy to carry around and operate in complete stealth for carefree on the go operation. True to its name, this is a dry herb only device which uses Ooze’s ‘Air Heating’ technology to vape your material without harsh overtones or other unsavory flavors. While Ooze has a solid reputation for innovation in the vape industry anyone familiar with Exxus vapes will instantly recognize some similarities between the Drought and the Exxus Mini Vaporizer. Both devices stand at just over 4” tall and feature a small but clear LCD that gives basic information such as current temperature. Even the specs such as 30 minute continuous run times, five minute run times, and auto shut off are identical. Whereas the Exxus comes in five colors, the Drought only has two to choose from, silver or black. Just like the Exxus you get about 2 hours total operation time per charge. 

Operating The Ooze Drought Vaporizer

To get started with the Drought simply press the power button 5 times and then use the arrows to change the temperature from 345F to 410F. Pack your material into the chamber after grinding it to the desired consistency, usually not too fine. Exxus allowed concentrates to be used in the Mini with an optional quartz cup, it remains to be seen if Ooze offer one too. Because it’s branded as a dry herb vaporizer that might not ever come to fruition, however.

Buying The Ooze Drought Vaporizer

With not much to distinguish itself from the competition the Drought at least scores one major point of difference - the price. This vaporizer can be found online for a substantial discount compared to Exxus. Considering we really liked the Exxus Mini when it was reviewed earlier this year Ooze have to be commended for offering the same functionality at a much cheaper price point.


  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual
  • Micro USB
  • Packing Tool
  • Silicone Mouthpiece

Technical Specifications

  • 1650 mAh
  • 320F-410F